Sunday, 30 September 2012

Want more views?

I actually can't keep up with how fast my blog is gaining views, and it seems that every other week, I'm blogging about reaching a milestone. And it really is awesome! So thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog and are following my posts!!

So I was asked, "How do you get so many views?"
And as you can see, I have less than 100 followers... so how does that work out? 

I'm still deciding which of the two is more important: Followers or Viewers? As I've seen bloggers with several 100s of followers, yet their views aren't really that high considering they've been blogging for quite some time.

But anyway, I thought I'd give a bit of advice on how to get more views :) Because I am a nice blogger hahaa

1) Words. Words. Words : Words are absolutely vital! I know you might be saying, "Well I write loads anyway" and thats good. I'm talking about those who only write a line or two per post. You should write loads more. As Blogger is actually SEO (somethign to do with Google's search engine), it means that when you write a phrase "how to maintain long nails", and someone searches, "how to long nails" or something. Your blog will be there in that list :) But that's not all. Let me show you some of the keywords that have led readers to this blog:

I honestly don't know how this links people to my blog, but it happens and I get views for it!

2) Schedule A Post : If you're on a busy schedule, try and find a couple minutes or an hour to write up a post for the next day or the next few days. Because it will keep your blog running, and people will keep checking back to read it :) It's great if you blog regularly if not everyday :)

3) Post a review : It doesn't have to be about makeup, it can be something you bought. A piece of technology, or a new music video or an album. Basically something that people will want to know. For example, one of my most popular posts of all time is: Dark Tulip Hair Dye FAQ

As it's something that people may want to try out, and I'm answering a lot of questions there so it will be helpful for those that want to try out the product.

4) How To's : Earn money, make friends, make chocolate cake, jailbreak an iPhone... Haha I don't know! Try and think about things that you want to know how to do, find out how to do it (based on your own experiences) and write about it :)
How To's are very popular, and a lot of people are typing in on Google "How To blah blah blah" and it will gain you a lot of views if you post a How To on something really popular :)

5) Mention someone : This is something a lot of people do already, however they kinda underestimate it. It's great ot mention another blogger, or YouTuber, or someone with a lot of friends of followers or popularity. Don't expect this to work everytime though, but sometimes when you mention someone, they will end up RT'ing or reposting it so that their followers will see. 
Yutakis RT'd it because he really liked it, although I didn't expect him to so that gained me quite a lot of views which I'm sooo happy about :) 
And when they to RT it, do thank them :) Because afterall they are giving you more views, right? And it's only fair!
Oh, and I know a lot of people on YouTube especially, mention other well known YouTubers like Michelle Phan or famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian. So when people search for them, their videos will pop up too :) It's the same for blogging too haha! 

Anyway, I hope this has helped a little bit haha! And thank you again for everyone who has viewed my blog recently, and all of the lovely comments from International readers!! You're all amazing :)

~ xoxo


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