Saturday, 8 September 2012

1 palette, 4 colours

Hey everyone :)

Can you believe I created this entire eye makeup with the same quad?

I've never really been the type to play around with too many eyeshadows, and I love when I find a quad with light to dark shades within the same colour spectrum.
A few months ago, I came across this eyeshadow quad by Revlon, and I remember I had wanted something with a light and dark so I could highlight my eyelids and brow bone, but also line my upper eyelid effortlessly. And well, this is the ideal product.

I generally prefer the range of brown shades, as it's guaranteed that there will be a dark brown shade - perfect for filling in eyebrows and making them look natural! I love this quad because the colours are perfect for warm skin tones.

You have a:
Chamapagne - highlight
Gold - lid colour
Khaki  - lid colour (or you can use it as a line of colour on the lower lash line)
Dark Brown - To create emphasis on the eyelid crease, but also I use this for my brows and powder eyeliner.

So! Let's start!

So this is without any of the shadow on, I only have a little bit on foundation on as I'm going out into the hot weather and I don't really like wearing tons of makeup in the sun :P

I'm going to use the dark brown colour to fill in my brows.

And I brush through them with this thing, just to make it look more natural and less cakey. See how the powder makes them look darker, but not too dark. It just looks like more thicker hair than drawn on.

Next I'm going to take the champagne colour, and apply this on my brow bone and the inner corner of my eyes. This will just bring light to my eyes, making them look more bigger rather than deep set.

Then for the eyelid crease, I'm going to use these two: Gold & Dark Brown colour and just work that slowly into my crease.

It's not too dramatic, and I didn't want to make it look too dark as it's only day time :P You can build up the intensity of the colour if you were to be going on a night out.

Then, I'm going to take the dark brown shade with a thin applicator shponge (comes in the quad) or you can use a liner brush, just to line the lid.

It just helps to draw more attention to the eye, as this line helps to make the eye stand out :)

So.. this is with some mascara :) And the look is complete! 

I hope you liked it!

It's not too dramatic and can be wearable during the day. You can add black eyeliner if you want, but I think this eyemakeup looks really lovely as it is :)
~ xoxo

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