Thursday, 20 September 2012

Try Me

If you've popped into Boots lately, you would've noticed that they offer tester products on the skincare.. which it wasn't like that before! And I was sooo surprised they do this now, and I went crazy earlier today just trying out products!

Aaah Soap & Glory! Can you see the light beaming around the products? Yeah, these products are heavenly! And can you see on the left, they have little "Try Me" sections where you can try the products!

I love how it gives a small description of what the product aims to do! This is the "Make Yourself Youthful" serum! I hadn't seen the silver pump tube I haven't seen before, so I was so curious to try it out!

Just a small amount like this is definitely plenty! Oh, and don't ask about the 53,654 as it was just what my pageviews were this morning haha! :P

See how it makes the skin look so silky! This serum is really creamy, but not really heavy! It is light weight, but it really does make the skin feel and look smoother, and it definitely is a great base for under the makeup!! I really really really want to try this out!!

I'm so attracted to shiny and unusual packaging like this :P

So then... I came across....

Olay Regenerist!!!!!!
Now you might be thinking, "Eh, you're only 20, why do you need anti wrinkle serums?!" Well... your skin starts to age when you hit 18... but I've seen Cheesie use this serum on her blog, and she constantly writes about it!! And this was the first time I've ever seen this product here as I've been searching high and low for this!

And I was SO happy there was a tester for it too!

It comes in a pump bottle! I think I really like the appearance of the product, as it's super shiny and looks really classy haha :)

I tried this product out, obviously! How could I not?!
And this isn't as thick as the Soap & Glory serum, however they both seem to do the same trick! My skin felt really soft and supply after using this, and I applied makeup on to it afterwards, and it went on perfectly smooth!

Ah! Now on to Vichy produts. I hadn't really paid any attention to Vichy Dermablend products until I saw Lisa Eldridge use it in her Acne scarring coverup makeup tutorial! And these products are highly suggested to cover up blemishes, as they are really pigmented and thick, however they're suited for problematic skin (e.g acne, sun damaged skin)

Vichy Dermablend corrector. I think this was the foundation :)

I remember Lisa Eldridge saying that the colours aren't all that good, as they don't have a high variety of shades that match all skin tones. But I think I found one that did match my skin quite well though :) 
Number 35.

Also, do you see how the foundation sits so nicely on top of the Soap & Glory and Olay Regenerist serums?! :D

Anyway, that's all for today! I will be updating tomorrow with the photos from todays Freshers events :)

~ xoxo


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