Sunday, 9 September 2012

This should be called ' I WANT TO BUY ALL OF NEW LOOK'

I can't help thinking of new clothes that I'd like to buy, considering I always end up wearing the same stuff to Uni! I'll be making a post up later of my outfit coordinates, but also it's a chance for me to see what I can wear (but with other things).

I've been looking online on so many different websites, and I've come across a lot of items so here goes!

+ fyi: I made this post not expecting most of the items will be from New Look -_-

From - this only comes in a size 4-6 :/ Either I'm going to have to lose more weight, or just find a similar dress of my size here.

From New Look :) - For those of you that are unaware, I loveeee tops with tigers on it, or leopard print. This sweater looks so cosy, warm and casual when paired up with jeans.

From New Look also :) This dress looks so cute & flowinggg ~

More stuff from New Look..

I know you might be thinking like, wtf jogging botoms? Well... I like wearing them, they're so comfy and casual. And I really need some more new ones!!

Well thing about American flags is that my boyfriend has a shirt with one on, and I've been on the lookout for one for me :) And I've found a few here, I'm just waiting until they reduce in price!

OMG it's a T-Rex holding a guitar :') hahahahaah genius!

I love this one, it has square studs on the shoulders :) I love the studded look and hope to find more studded clothing items :)

So yeah, I really do want to buy TONS of things from New Look... I just need the money :'( oh well, I can dream :P

~ xoxo

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