Thursday, 13 September 2012

Soap & Glory in yo face!

Hey everyone :)

Considering I have so many Soap & Glory products, I decided to just do my makeup purely using their products :D and yes, I do have some more of their products, but these are my absolute faves which I use alll of the time! :)

- Super Eyes Eyecream
- Show Good Face Foundation
- Kick Ass Concealer
- Thick & Fast Mascara
(& my INGLOT stipple brush)

So firstly, I applied the eyecream, I LOVE this because it's not like a cream but rather a gel consistency. And it has tiny silvery white specks in it which disappear once you massage it into your eunder eyes. This is by far my favourite eye cream, as it's super hydrating and my concealer/foundation doesnt become dry and dull later on in the day!

Moving on to the foundation..
 I dotted this bad boy around my face, mostly in agreas where I needed it the most! So cheeks, under eyes, chin.. And then it looked like (the picture on the right). See how it's just evened out the redness on my cheeks and also brightened up around the eyes?

So I had applied another layer of foundation and moved on to the concealer...

The concelaer has 2 bits to it, a colour corrector and a regular concealer for blemishes.

And I tried mixing them both together, just for that extra overage for underneath my eyes, and it ended up like this :)

So as you can see, it's really helped to reduce the darkness of my under eye circles! However, this product is really really bad at staying in place. I don't know if it's because I used them both together, or it didn't work well with my powder.. I had brushed over my undereyes with power and the concealer actually stuck to the brush rather than staying in place, and I never get that with my other concealers :/ So it could end up being the concealer.

So I'm not really keen on that!

I had then applied my mascara as usual :) I love that mascara like crazy as it makes my lashes look thick and hugeee! I was wearing it yesterday too, and my sister was like, "Have you got false lashes on?" Haha! Definitely go try it out if you haven't already! It will last you ages too!

Next, blush. Now I don't actually have a blush by Soap & Glory, however, I used their lipstick - Red My Lips as a blush ;) Because that colour is so rosy and cute, I decided to use that as a hint of redness.


 So this colour might look pretty dark, but it's a really lovely reddish / plumish shade that looks so lovely when applied! I took this lipstick and applied it liberally onto the back of my hand, and then I patted it on to my cheeks using my middle finger, then I blended it out using another finger. This lipstick is really creamy so it blends out really well!

So despite it bringing attention to my scarring, I don't really mind as it shows that my makeup is pretty light too. But I really love that rosy glow :)

And after final touches:
ELF Eyebrow Kit for my brows and eyeliner...

ta dah!

Anyway, I hope you've liked this review as I've been meaning to do it for ages! :)

~ xoxo

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