Saturday, 29 September 2012

My FAVE Alternative

I posted 'My Acne Story' a while ago, where I menioned that I've actually stopped having regular cows milk, and swapped it for a healthier alternative...

So you might be thinking, "Well, what's the difference between Soya milk and cows milk? One is obviously from a cow and... well...?"

When cows lactate (make milk), it is generally for their own offspring.. right? And contains a lot of animal-y chemicals that are mainly for baby cows. Adn not to mention, farmers tend to over feed cows and add in extra drugs and chemicals. So when you think you're drinking a healthy glass of milk, you're actually drinking milk... with added cow hormones and extra unnecessary chemicals! Yuck!

And just knowing that had really put me off dairy milk. Anyway, along with my acne, I discovered that it could be dairy that makes my acne worse. And this could actually be true as I'm a crazy tea drinking woman!! Haha! I love my cups to tea and so this could be an added aggrevator for my acne.

But today, I'm going to talk about something less acne related.

The Alpro Soya team came to Leeds Train Station for the past week and gave out free samples of yoghurts and Almond milk!

I'm so sneaky, I managed to get two bags ;)

And in these bags were:

An Alpro Yoghurt

And a carton of Alpro Almond Milk

Look at all of the health benefits of Almond Milk!

This was the exclusive highlight of the free taster!

So... I tried the cherry yoghurt; and I'm not really keen on fruity yoghurts as I love my chocolate yoghurts - and this did taste quite nice. Although not the best I've had. It was definitely creamy, too creamy, that you kinda think, "Wow, this is actually really good for being non-dairy"! hahaha! But you feel less guilty about eating these yoghurts as they're more healthy :)

And I tried the Almond milk. Which I'm not too keen about! It obviously tastes like almonds but the taste is a little too overpowering - which can be a good thing if you like almonds. However I didn't like it. I love the taste of soya milk, and I don't think it can be replaced :P

Also at the main stall in Leeds train station, they were giving out a free taster of their pouring yoghurts on top of a fruity oat ceral :) 

Look at all of the different things you could try!

We got the oat and fruits cereal, topped with Alpro pouring yoghurt (Original flavour) and a few blueberries on top! It was so yummy :D

Then later on in the day, they gave out puddings :) 
And surprise surprise... What did I say earlier?


Haha! They gave out little boxes with these amazing yoghurts in it, and I was actually so happy that I had the chance to try it!!

I've seen these all of the time in Tescos and wondered how they'd taste. And they are definitely yummy! There is no extra taste, other than the lovely creamy chocolatey taste, which is usually found in many regular chocolate yoghurts! But this is obviously much more healthier than the dairy version, so I didn't feel bad about eating two of these....

(Yes, I managed to get two...Haha!)

If you haven't tried Alpro Soya, or anything that is Alpro in general, DO try it!! It's a much healthier and yummy alternative than regular dairy foods :)

~ xoxo

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