Saturday, 29 September 2012

Man, I'm loving Magazine Design

Hey everyone :)

One of the modules of my Journalism degree this year is "Magazine design" which is SO much fun! We had our first lecture and seminar on Friday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. 
In our seminar, we had to create a simple text using Adobe InDesign - which I've had a lot of practice with for the past year or so. It's very similar to Photoshop - which I've been using since God knows how long - so I'm finding it really easy but not to mention excitingg.

And our first homework thing was to screenshot what we did, and annotate it step by step...

The functionalities of the InDesign toolbar :) 
This wasn't so bad as some of these tools are on Photoshop and Illustrator, so I knew what most of them were.

And our second given homework was to buy an A3 sketchbook, and collect magazine covers and annotate them. How they look, size, the colour scheme, audience it's for, layout etc. And it's better to find contrasting magazine covers.

I got a little bit carried away with mine, as I managed to find 6 so far haha

My sketchbook that me and Nat managed to find and buy in WHSmiths for £4 something :)

The first magazine cover I could think about annotating!!!! This is my favourite magazine cover.. Vogue always have awesome covers but because it's Lana Del Rey, I like it even more! She's so pretty and glamorous!

And a load of different other ones :)

I really love this part of the module, as it reminds me of A-Level Art where we would have a huge sketchbook where we would draw, write and stick in things which we found unusual or interesting or were just inspiration altogether :)
I wanted to be a little bit more creative with this, but I thought I'd better not get carried away haha!

I really do think this will continue to be my favourite module! :D
Over the next week or so, I'm going to be playing around with InDesign, and create different magazine covers as practice, as it's one of our assessments! 

Other Uni stuff:

 My lovely pink diary :) I love being organised, I used to have a diary for last year but I eneded up misplacing it during the year! But this year I'm going to keep writing in this, about things I've got to blog about, my future deadlines and meetings I have with business people :) 
Being organised makes me feel positive and more motivated to work!

How awesome does this keyboard look?!!?!? 
This is inside the Video Journalism classrooms, as we will be taking out the big cameras and filming all around campus and Huddersfield! It looks so exciting and colourful (even though it's just a keyboard hahaa) and we'll be learning to use Avid video software :) I've never used it before so I'm hoping I will be able to pick up the techniques quickly :)

Hassnain and Iana on the huge video camera :) It was raining a little bit while we were filming and we didn't know how to put the waterproof thing on it... oopsie!
But it was so much fun as we learned how to use the camera and figuring out how it all works!

One of our assessments for it is to film a clip of us talking to the camera.... and omg, I'm so nervous for that!!! :$ I'm going to be so shy!

 Anyway, I'm going to continue with more work as I have ideas for my PR module :) This year is going to be so much more fun than last years, and I'm so glad it's more creative and involves a lot of designing!! :) 
So excited!!!

~ xoxo

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