Monday, 10 September 2012

Makeup for Glasses?

Hey everyone :)

I've been playing around with makeup lately, mostly eyemakeup and I've thought about makeup whilst wearing glasses.
Now I'm not really the sort to wear my glasses out of the house (I don't know why, I don't really like them haha) but I thought why not. And plus it gives me a break from wearing contact lenses all of the time!

Haha geek right? :P

Anyway, this look is mostly defining the eyes and the eyebrow, just to help make them stand out behind your glasses. So you will need a heavy hand when you apply your eyebrow filler and exaggerated eyeliner.
Also, because my glasses frames are black, I just want something that won't make me look really washed out or tired.

Okay okay! I know I said in a previous post, that eyebrow pencils aren't really all that, compared to powders, however in this post I am going to use a pencil. But not just any...

This is a brow pencil by INCOLOUR, and the shade is a lovely chestnut brown and I am using more brown shades on my eyebrows considering my hair has become more lighter :) If I was to use a black, it would look too harsh and I don't really like harsh looking brows.

So here is my eye before the eyeliner and brow pencil:

I have a little bit of a gold and brown eyeshadow on, just to help define the crease :) I used a Revlon eyeshadow quad mentioned here

Start filling in your brows, you might need to apply more liberally as you want them to stand out... but don't obviously draw them on :P

Then.. taking one of these brushes, brush through your brow like this and the pencil will become more softer :)

What I love about this pencil is that it's much more creamier in texture -making it easy to apply -, but once it dries, it's almost like  a powder so it doesn't look really rough

Then taking this gel liner by Maybelline (I LOVE how this eyeliner managed to stay put for ages! I also use this eyeliner to create a smoky look as it's so easy to blend and has an almost cream eyeshadow consistency)

And I'm just going to line my upper lash line, and extend the wing out

Like this... And then I'm going to apply a few coats of my favourite mascara - Soap & Glory 'Thick & Fast' - just to help my eyes stand out a bit more.

Ta da!

This is the final look :)

~ xoxo

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