Sunday, 16 September 2012

Lily's 22nd :) & my hair problem...

It was one of my bezzie's - Lily - 22nd birthday yesterday!! :D Yayaya! A few of us wesnt to Mumtaz, had a lovely meal and awesome yummy cupcakes that one of her friends made! Was sooo yum!!

Here are photos :D

The birthday girl, posing as usual! Hahaa! She's been texting me all day like, "Omg I love your camera, which one is it?!" :)

Blurryy! And I look tiny :/ Haha! I can assure you I'm kinda tall... I think!

Showed my boyfriend this and he was like, "What, are you skinking there or something!?" hahahah

Better photo :)

Ann, Ebun & Lily :) 

My yummy grilled King Prawns

All gone!

The yummy awesome cupcakes!

Making a wishh? Maybe? Haha

Yummy!! These cupcakes were so omg delish! They were chocolate flavour, but no too overpowering! They were so moist and melted in your mouth.. omg! So yummyyyy!

The birthday girl again!! :)

All in all, it was a realy lovely evening and was great seeing everyone after 2 or 3 years! :D

So.. onto my hair problem :/ I originally had curled my hair for this night.. Yeah.. it didn't look curly right?
Let's have a look at what happened:

I used these Babyliss Pro hair curlers, and they're quite thick too! They reate really awesome beach waves sorta hair... So I was busy curling my hair. So far, so good!

 A bit more of the curlers..

Check how my hair is all multicoloured, looks pretty sick right?!

Looks really pretty right? And I had curled my entire hair and hair sprayed it. So it looked like this..

See, looks really pretty right? Well.. these curls had dropped out an hour later, making my hair look tousled abnd dry from the hair spray :( My sister has had that problem with those curlers too, they don't work as well as others would! They only make curls stay in for around an hour or only half an hour and then they drop! Not happy...

So I ended up looking like this:

It went all wavy and crap :( And then my fringe is growing out too, so I didn't know how to wear it... so I had just braided it!

Ta da!

Anyway, Happy Birthday to Lily once again :) And hope you've all had a lovely weekend :)

~ xoxo

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