Saturday, 15 September 2012

Le Makeup Brush Collection

I've been meaning to make this post for a while now as I'd taken photos of my lovely brushes after my sister washed them off (and hers too!).
And also just some that are my favourite, and ones that are soo handy to take with you while travelling. And yes this is a filler post because I am off out tonightttt and travelling tomorrow and then busy with Freshers week! I'm soooo excited!

So these are the big boys! Powder brush, Stippling brush, another Stipplish brush but I use that more for blusher though as it's super soft, and then a face and body brush (for like all over bronzer)

This is my double sided foundation and concealer brush! This was one of the first brushes I'd ever bought and I remember watching Michelle Phan use this and thought, "Omg I want one!!" haha! And I was sooo happy to see that Superdrug stocked these brushes :) They're so handy!

These are all of the eye brushes. Some I use to dab powder to set my concealer, the rest I use for applying and blending eyeshadows :) And there is a thin liner brush too at the top, perfect for gel liners!

Oh! These are smaller versions of regular eyebrushes. A really fluffy eyeshadow brush, another one that is a bit more dense, and a liner brush (the one in the middle) which is more tightly and thinly packed fibres so that you gt a clean straight line

These brushes are amazing for those that are always on the go!! They're Ecotools brushes and you can get different ones in different shapes and styles. I had bought the blusher brush on the left, which I love as it's so handy and applies so well! It feels soooo soft on your cheeks too :)
My sister bought the foundation brush on the right, and to be honest, it's not very good. She said she used it once and never again. The brush is really stiff, and all of the brush fibres feel really harsh and scrape your face - so that's not very good. Also, because this brush is stiff, it doesn't do much for blending well - so you're going to end up with blotchy and streaky foundation!

The main thing I love about the brushes though, is that you can do this:

So it's nice and handy and you're able to whip out these brushes on the go!

Short but sweet post :) 

Have a great day everyone!
~ xoxo

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