Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Have you ever seen a cat do this?

And please excuse my baby talk to her :P

Yayyy Nemo was busy giving me a massage haha, well.. kittens do this to their mummy cats, I don't really know why. But it's super cute. And despite Nemo being around 40 in cat years, she still does it to us!!
I sent this video to my boyfriend and he was like, "OMG did you train her to do that?! That's the best thing I've ever seen!"

It was so weird though, my left leg was really hurting that day, and she was giving me a massage and it helped soo much :) and erm.. I didn't ask her to give me a massage! 
Nemo always does this when she wants to sleep, like she'll do it on you, or pillows, or clothes or anything soft and bumpy that she is going to sleep on!

I was thinking of making this post, but more on how to raise and look after a cat, afterall I've had Nemo since she was 2 months old!

 Nemo as a kitten...

Nemo more grown up...

Basically cats are really really independent, like they will go out at night and you can expect to see them back in the morning, they don't require walks unlike dogs, they groom themselves (so you don't wash them - cats don't like water!), they sleep wherever and whenever they want.

See they groom themselves like this, licking every bit of their fur... It's really weird!

The only thing that they would like from you, is attention (yep, they like to play with bits or scrunched up paper or string) they also like to cosy up on your laps once a day, and they obviously want you to feed them noms!

 Relaxing on my comfy bed <3

Honestly, cats are really easy to look after! :) They're like humans, just need the main things like shelter, love, food, freedom too :P and they do catch colds too!! So don't leave them outside in winter or anything, even a few hours at night can sometimes make them ill!

For their food, obviously feed them food that is suited towards their age. You can get kitten food and adult food, it usually says on the packaging.
As the cats get older, their taste will change. For example when Nemo was a kitten, she'd eat Whiskas kitten food. Now she can't stand Whiskas food, at all. And we tried giving her Felix and she loves that! However theres a special type of Felix that she likes, and she will only eat that! I know, she is very fussy haha :P

So yeah! Do consider getting a kitten as they are really cute and friendly :) 
Only thing I'd advise you to do, is keep them out of trouble... with neighbourhood cats! Haha! Nemo gets into so many fights and I think that's why she is really vicious to strangers.. Eeeek!

A few more photos of Nemo and kittens she had :)

Aren't they just adorable!?

When it comes to kittens... well.. make sure you know how to handle a kitten first. Then it will all be easy for you :)
~ xoxo

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