Thursday, 6 September 2012

For those of you wondering..

About my nails in the past two posts.... it was for the #IWasThere (READ if you haven't already!) post which I had created an Olympic look for the Westfields campaign that I was sponsored by :D

I already covered the eyeshadow palette in the last post, and now I will explain my nails!

For these nails, I had used Blue (light and dark) and Clear rhinestones which I had previously purchased from eBay :) 
I had coated my nails with clear nail polish and added the rhinestones on one by one, so that they would fit together well.
The blue nail messed up a little, as I was using 0.5mm and 1mm stones. Whereas the clear rhinestones are all one colour, and they've lasted much longer on my nails too :)

The red polish is by Barry M.

It's a really lovely shade of red and because it's glittery, it reminds me of Christmas haha! :) 
It's 150 - Red Glitter

I love how Barry M have a wonderful selection of nail polishes, with different colours and glitters, and metallic shades and even all of the crackle polishes too - and they're really worth the money! :)

~ xoxo

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