Monday, 3 September 2012

Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara review

Hey everyone :)

Here's a review on the Clarins Wonder Perfect Mascara

I'm always reviewing Clarins products right? Haha.
This mascara looks really elegant.. kinda reminds me of YSL products. But still has the Clarins appearance with how they label their products.
I'm unsure about how much it retails for as my sister bought it in Debenhams, so I wanted to try it :)

This is how my lashes look without any mascara. All I have on is Kiko Foundation, MAC Mineralise powder in NC35 and my brows filled in using HD Brow kit.

As you can see, my lashes aren't really long or thick either... I have really fine hair compared to my sister.. and she has much longer lashes.
I guess this would be a good test on how well this mascara works!

The mascara brush is made of fibre, it's not very thick compared to the Soap & Glory mascara brush which I absolutely loveeeee because it makes my lashes super long and thick!

This is with the first coat.. 
So far it's looking like how my lashes would normally look using a regular mascara. I didn't use a lash curler or anything like that.
I quite like how my eyebrows look in these photos... ;)

With a second coat.

As you can see, my lashes look kinda curled and long... not sure about thickness though. I really like how they are curled rather than looking flat, some mascaras make your lashes look long but flat and straight (and I don't really like that sort of appearance). And I think this mascara would work well if you want the natural look, long lashes without the appearance of it looking like you've piled on a ton of mascara.

When using this mascara, you're going to really have to work at the roots of the lashes, doing that zig zag motion so they will actually stay up and bring in more attention to your eyes. Also by doing that, you will get the most out of your mascara without having to use a lot of it.


I quite like this mascara, but I really am loving my Soap & Glory Thick and Fast mascara. And so far I haven't come across a mascara that beats it!

~ xoxo

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