Monday, 17 September 2012

Blink & Go Mascara ~ Review

Hey everyone :)

Today I'll be reviewing the Blink & Go mascara; which aims to be a long lasting mascara.

So the mascara wand is quite narrow, and reminds me of more higher end mascara products. However, I like thicker and bigger brushes as they always make lashes look thicker and voluminous. I tried out this mascara on my teensy weensy lashes :P

No mascara. Only foundation and ELF Brow powder

One coat of mascara. 
What I noticed about this mascara is that the actual product is very thin and doesn't really build up. However, it creates longer lashes without it looking like you really have mascara on.

 See how it looks quite soft and natural, yet my lashes look longer?

After 2 coats of mascara..

I felt like once you began to build up on the mascara, it would actually make your lashes clump together and look quite spidery... Whereas I would rather have one coat of a thicker mascara formula that would do the tirck of making my lashes thick ! But on the plus side... This mascara IS long lasting!

I had to try remove this with baby wipes, and cleanser! And it still didn't come off! Now, that's long lasting!

However I'm not keen on this mascara, as I would prefer thicker lashes with one coat... It made the lashes stick together and look quite spidery... And I don't really dig the spider lash look..

Speaking of spiders. Look what was just chilling in my dining room:

EEEEEEEKK!!! I hate spiders with a passion, and it doesn't help that there are tons of these crawling about the house! And no, I didn't take this photo. My dad did -_- haha!

I dare you to click on it for a bigger look! :P

~ xoxo

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  1. I liked your review and that is true that a good mascara is that which does not give an artificial look. I have a collection of different mascara's,but I mostly use Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara from Xtras. I think you must try it.


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