Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Back to University...

Hey everyone :) 

I am back to University on Mondayyyy, and I can't wait! Suree, the work is so tedious but meh! Supposed to be the best 3 years of my life, so why not make the most out of it and have fun!?

So! I've been sorting out ALL of my makeup... and let me show you just how much I need to sort out!

Believe it or not, this is a huge bag full of makeup products... and yes, I take this whenever I travel! Not necessarily on a daily basis, but say when I'm gone for a weekend or week, and I know I'm going to need makeup for a special occasion, well, this is everything I take!
So, what do you see? Hmm... Clarins.... The Body Shop... Rimmel London.. Nivea.... Soap & Glory.. Tons of stuff!

But, what do I really need to take with me on a daily basis to Uni?!

And yes, I really do have 3 powders from The Body Shop. Why?

They're all different shades! However, the one at the end is a Pressed Powder in shade 04, and is dark for me :S And I ended up buying it in the shop and tried it out and I was like wtf. Hence why I haven't used it!
The other two (left and centre) are All-In-One base's and I tend to prefer those as they are really awesome for daily makeup!

As you can see, the one in the middle  has been used the most, as that's the shade that I've been  for most of the year. However, I'm going to start using the other two and just apply it with a brush so it doesn't look too dark! I'm trying to use up all of these makeup products this year, so I don't have to worry about buying any other ones. The same goes for my foundations :)

After like... an hour... of deciding what products to take with me... I have chosen these items! And... well.. it might look like a load of products but hey! A girl needs makeup! Okay?!

This year I wanted to keep my makeup looking minimal, natural but obviously looking awake. I hate when I don't apply concealer and people are like, "Woahhh dude, don't you sleep!?" Ffs!

And this is my "Back To University" look :)

So it is minimalistic, and I just brightened up the photo a bit because I was using my bedroom light - and it's so dark outside! Eurgh, why does it have to rain so much?! As you can see, my marks are still a little bit visible on my cheek - and that's fineee! As long as most of them are covered up then it's okay :)

So let me talk you through the makeup I used, and will be taking this year!

- Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation
- Soap & Glory - Show Good Face
- MAC Concealer
- Soap & Glory - Thick & Fast mascara
- Soap & Glory lipstick - Red My Lips
- ELF blusher & Bronzer duo
- ELF Eyebrow kit due
- The Body Shop - All in one Base - shades 05 & 06

As I said before, these All In One bases are amazing! They are really neat as they have a little compact sponge hidden just behind the mirror so you can whip it out and cover up anything! The coverage on these powders are really great too! So I use it for coverage, and also setting foundation!

This ELF Blusher is so cute and rosy, but it's not like a very bright shade either! It gives a lovely soft pink glow but it doesn't stand out too much and people think you look like a clown! No no! And it has little shimmer particles in it that look really pretty when light hits your face.

I've never really used the bronzer though but thetimes that I have used it, it's pretty good :)

This is probably one of the main products that I use! 
This ELF Eyebrow Kit has a dark wax and a light brown powder (that does a great job of darkening and filling my brows!)
This is an eyebrow brush that has the applicator brush on one side, and the bristles bit to comb out excess product, on the other side. 

Depending on my mood, my hair and the weather (yes! The weather!) I use either one on my brows. So for rainy and gloomy days, I use the darker shade. And on sunny warm days, I use the light powder! :)
I also use the powder as an eyeliner on my upper and bottom lash line, as it gives shadow and makes your eyes stand out more, without using harsh eyeliner. 

I love when my eyemakeup looks effortless and natural, and this is a great product for achieving this look! 
Sometimes, I take a blending brush and use the brown powder on my eyelid crease, just to make the crease stand out without itlooking like I'm wearing dark eye shadow :)

Red My Lips! I LOVE this lipstick! It's kinda a darkish red shade, but it looks really really lovely on olive and tanned skin tones!! This is my favourite lipstick from Soap & Glory :) It's a really creamy formula that doesn't dry out the lips, and this shade is absolutely perfect for autumn time! 
When I use less on my eyes, I end up using this lipstick as it brings more focus to the lips!

These are the foundations that I am currently loving!! I love the Healthy Mix serum as it looks really natural and doesn't sit on your face and look cakey like a lot of foundations. It really blends well into your skin and makes it look like your own skin! Like you still have the skin texture that you normally would do, except it looks more flawless and healthier!

The Soap & Glory foundation is just as amazing, and this works really well to double up as a concealer too, which the Healthy Mix doesn't do a good job of. Whenever I'm having a bad day, I will reach for this foundation as it does the trick of evening out my skin tone! :)

And last but not least... My MAC concealer!

I love this concealer as it gives amazing full coverage without needing to use a lot! Perfect for concealing under eye circles from doing last minute assignments! *ahem*
A lot of people underestimate MAC and think that it's just really expensive for something so tiny... however, this is by far a really amazing concealer! I prefer this to my regular Maybelline concealer, Benefit concealer, Skinfood conealer! It's just overall a great product!!
Just remember that you're actually paying for quality with this concealer!

Now... this can't be a finished blog post without photos of me, right? ;)

Messy room! But... do you guys like my sweater / jumper? It's so huge and cosy! I bought this last year from Internaรงionale? International :P and only just started wearing it today! Oops..
It's so big and warm and cosy! It's perfect for this absolute shit weather all of a sudden! 

And yes, I am wearing leg warmers :P They're cute! I bought them from BANK and they're so warm too, I have cream coloured ones just like this too :)

I've been considering different outfits and stuff to wear this year too... as last year I had mainly worn jeans and a top! I have rummaged through my wardrobe and found a ton of leggings and tights, so I think I'm goin to start wearing them more with long tops and/or dresses, and then obviously I'll wear my regular jeans too... but maybe not as much :)

I know a lot of people don't fuss about what they're wearing when it comes to uni, and I'm like that too. Except I want to make a bit of an effort this year and next year, as I'd be blogging more about it too and also it doesnt hurt to dress up a little

Right? :)

~ xoxo

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