Sunday, 23 September 2012

Apple, sort yourself out please.

You guys know how much I love music right? And how much I love using apps to edit my photos, right?
But you guys also know that I've been having problems with my iPod Touch 4.

After installing it to iOS5, I've been having nothing but problems:
- The battery life is shit : I was able to use it for music and the battery would last me at LEAST 12 hours. Then, it suddenly started going quickly... say.. in the space of an hour?
- It randomly restores itself : This happens whilst I'm using it, if it's Skype, or watching something on YouTube etc. It just randomly shuts off, and goes to the Apple screen and then comes back on.
- The sound cuts off : I HATE this! Whenever I'm like getting ready and I want my music on playing in the background, I can't. Because if I don't use headphones, my iPod suddenly cuts off the sounds (and comes back on again after like 25 secs) or it just restores itself.
However, if my headphones are in, it's completely fine!
- It can't be unplugged : From this blog, you would already know that I'm a student and I commute daily to University and in that time, I like to listen to music. However, I can't do that. I can't unplug my iPod from a socket as it just turns off, and doesn't turn back on again... unless it's plugged back in! And it's been like this for almost a year now... and I really really really don't know what to do with it!
- It doesn't even turn on when plugged into the computer. It just remains dead. And I've tried the whole, holding down the buttons for 10 secs, and putting it into DFU mode or Restoration mode. But still, I get all fo these problems again :(

I'm going to try out iOS6 now, and I'm hoping that this will help. Otherwise I'm not going to be happy at all :(

And... I tried looking on the Apple website for a solution and well... take a look:

Right now, I'm sat at the computer with my iPod plugged in, and it's not even coming on.

So Apple, how am I meant to find this serial number if my iPod doesn't turn on?

And to those of you wondering, I've had this iPod coming to 2 years, and it's been like this for a year. I've misplaced the box, and I can't find out the serial number (I've been asked if it was at the back of the iPod) and I've looked. And my iPod surface is no longer shiny or anything and the only thing I can see is the 32GB and a few of the icons at the bottom.

It's a shame really, because I love iPods and other Apple products! But this really does annoy me when it happens! :(

Can anyone offer a solution or something that will actually help??

P.S: I managed to get it to almost restore. Then it just said "unknown error has occured".. again. I'm going to take it to the Apple shop tomorrow and if they can't fix it then... I don't know :'(

~ xoxo

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