Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Guide To University & Pics

After already going through a year of University, I thought I'd shed some light for those that are going to University (in a matter of days!) And those that are considering applying for 2013! 

So, after around 17/18 years of education, there's the choice to take another 3/4 years to study at University - which some people really hate. Because thing is, you're paying however many thousands of pounds a year to study for something that you may or may not get a job with. Yes my child, times are hard!

But nooo! Don't let that throw you off University, trust me. Because, when you finish your degree, you'll have a ton of experiences to tell other people, and you'll have studying experience to help land a well paid job, and also you'll make tons of contacts.
It ain't about the money, money, moneyy! :)

Here are some things you should consider if you're in two minds about going to University:
- Gaining more independence!- I'm an independent womannn! Well... if you're a guy and reading this you can be an independent dude haha! Because you'll be out more on your own, or with friends, and you'll be more willing to do things yourself!

- Confidence - I know before I started University, I was so shy.. and even on the first day I was so shy too! And I guess it has only been recently when I've become more outspoken. 
When you're at University, you're going to be talking to hundreds of different people, and I guess the fact that I have to interview people as a part of my degree, I have to overcome this shyness in order to do well!

- Friends - Through your uni experience, you're going to be spending time with tons of different people. And trust me, they're all going to be different! I remember on my first week, I was waiting for one of my friends to finish her class and I was waiting in the SU cafe. Then this random dude approached me and we started talking about the Anime society - which I had joined up to, and to this day, he's still one of my first friends I made! :)

- Learning - Yeah, as well as learning about your actual degree, you're going to be learning about life. Talking to different people, even living with different people (IF you're staying in accomodation), relationships, people you shouldn't really trust. 

- Exploring - I know some people tend to just go to Uni and then go straight back home, however, I wasn't like this. I've explored the town of Huddersfield, been to so many different restaurants, parks, shopping centres. It really is fun when you explore and have friends as well to explore with. If you're going to be in that university for 3/4 years, why not make the most of it?!

So! For those of you going to University this year, here's a bunch of stuff for you to take! And most of these are literally mandatory, based on experience :p

1) Pre-Enrolment forms and Identity : If you're pre-enrolled, they will need to see the code and maybe a screenshot of the entry thing. I know the Uni says you need to bring like certificates, well... they don't really check so don't be so worried if you don't have them! Erm... I think you'll need a proof of identity, so maybe a passport or drivers license too! :)

2) Phone/iPod charger : Yes, you will need this. If you're like me, constantly on you're phone and listening to music in between breaks and during travelling, you'll need your charger! Just so that your devices are always running through the day :) Most rooms, SU cafe's and bars have plug sockets for those who charge their devices and also for laptops too! Which is cool :) 

3) Notepads & Pens : Yeah, this is really standard and it's just one of those things you'll need! You may need to jot down some info about your lecturers, or times to meet back at the room or something. And make sure you have a pen that works! :P

4) Makeup : I know some of you are like, "Erm... why do I need to take makeup with me?!" well... incase it melts of gurl! You don't want to be meeting new lecturers and friends with your makeup half done.. or half off for that matter! Just take the basics, concealer, powder, mascara and a nice lipstick :)

5) Money, Tissues, the basics : Basically the everyday things you'll need while you're out of the house! And yeah money, because Uni can be quite long and exhausting, so have money to buy water and also dinner! :)

So these are the things that are most important about starting University - based on my experience of commuting every single dayyyy. It's a tough life :P
But hey! It's only for 3/4 years, so don't forget to enjoy it and make the most of it!

Some photos from the past year of Uni:

I hope this has helped you in some way or another!!

~ xoxo

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