Tuesday, 4 September 2012

3 Things

Hey everyone :)

This post I had originally planned to cover over the span of a week, but I really thought it'd be better to get it all sorted in one post!
So anyway, I was thinking of doing a '3 Things' post ; and it's basically things that either mean a lot to me, my favourites or things I really love!

So let's go!

Clothing Items:
1) New Look Heels:
I LOVE these heels, I had bought them for my trip to Egypt.. but also as I don't have any shoes in particular that are 'going out' shoes. The heel on them is really high too so I end up around 5"9 or something (I'm 5"5ish already). I love how they look, and I had managed to get them on student discount too!

2) Red Sweater/Jumper:
Well I call it jumper, but I know people in different countries will know it as a sweater haha! But anyway, this is my absolute FAVOURITE jumper as it's so cosy and it looks cute tooo. I had bought it in a size 8 but it's so baggy and it ends up falling off my shoulders sometimes. I ended up buying it for like £5 as it was on sale in Peacocks! And plus, red is my favourite colour :)

3) Skinny Jeans:
Skinny jeans are definitely a staple item of clothing for me, as it's literally all that I wear! Well... occasionally I'll wear leggings, or shorts or stuff and I'm trying to get into wearing different things rather than just skinny jeans all of the time.

Such an OLD photo! I think this was the month before I had started Uni, as I was growing out my bangs! I wish I didn't cut them this year :'(

1) Bracelets:
These two bracelets are my favourite and also mean a lot to me, they're my boyfriends haha. The black beaded one was after our first date, and the peace sign one is one he gave me recently :) They're pretty minimalistic and casual and they're always what I wear. He had given me a few others beaded bracelets, but they're a little too big for my wrist and always end up slipping off! These two are perfect though :)

2) Earrings - from my eldests brother's wedding:
I absolutely LOVE these earrings! I had them matched up with the outfit I wore to my eldest brothers wedding, and they are SO heavy! My ears hurt after a whole 18 hours of wearing them, but nontheless, they look incredibly pretty :) This is just one of the perks about being Indian haha :D

3) Ring:
Last but not least, the ring my boyfriend bought me. I love it :) we were randomly shopping in Huddersfield and looking around a jewellery store and he picked it up and was like, "Oh do you like this?" and I was like, "Aww yeah it's cutee!" and then he bought me it haha. I haven't stopped wearing it since. It's one of those things that I'm always wearing and when I don't have it on, it feels like something is missing... Kinda like my phone haha :P

Beauty Products:
1) Baby Wipes:
An item I can't live without because it's just so handy and versatile! You can use it to remove makeup after a night, or if you've got eyeshadow fall out or your eyeliner has messed up haha! They don't break me out so I love it :)

2) Soap & Glory Foundation:
I love this foundation as it blends sooo well into my skin and looks super natural :) I wear it all year round, and it doesn't make my skin appear dry or oily... just looks like my own skin but without the scarring haha :P

3) Nivea Lipbalm:
A simplistic lipbalm. It's what everyone needs regardless if you're a girl or guy. It helps to keep away the chapped lips during the winter, and it provides a soft smooth lip canvas for appyling lipstick :)

I cannot live without:
1) Family & Bf:
This doesn't really need an explanation right? :)

2) My Phone:
Yes! I am one of those who can't live without their phones! I'm not anti social or anything, well... at least I hope I'm not! But I'm always into my technology and my phone is the best thing I've got in ages. I always used to be addicted to my iPod Touch but I love having a phone where I can text, but also use the internet and Whatsapp and things like that. Also I can blog from it too, which is awesome :)

3) Food:
Obviously. How cnan anyone survive without food? I am one of those where I can eat just about anything and I will still be hungry afterwards. I just love all different types of food... Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian (sometimes), Egyptian etc.

Places I Want To Visit:
1) Thailand - Phuket:
Thailand is one of those places that I would just love to visit, I love the food, the people are really lovely, I've learnt some of the language and the music is awesome too. The beaches look absolutely amazing and I just desperately want to go!

2) I really want to see the Aurora
It just looks absolutely beautiful!

3) CN Tower:
My boyfriend keeps going on about this tower, he went when he was younger and at first I was a bit scared because there is a glass floor that is so high up. And I know I'd literally be shitting bricks if I went, because I'm so incredibly scared of heights! Haha! But it looks pretty awesome and it's just one thing that I'd love to do!

TV Shows:
1) How I Met Your Mother:
I LOVE this show! I had only started watching it properly since I'd finished Uni as E4 was like, my favourite ever tv channel. I love the concept of the show, and Josh Radnor is such a great actor, in fact one of my fave actors. Colbie Smulders is gorgeous!!! Neil Patrick Harris is so hilarious, he's probably my favourite character. My favourite episode would have to be when they predict things for the next 3 years, and they watch the Star Wars Trilogy each time haha!

2) The Big Bang Theory:
I absolutely love this show, it's SO funny! Sheldon Cooper is such a funny character but if I knew him in real life, like, I don't know how I'd be able to deal with him (e.g Thai food night, Halo night, singing soft kitty etc). It's so funny though! And it probably sold me that there is an Indian character in there, Kunal Nayyar is a sick actor too. And yeah :) It's such a change to see Kaley Cuoco play a really likeable character... because I didn't quite like the Bridget Hennessy (8 Simple Rules) :P

3) The Simpsons:
Come on, who's your absolute faveourite dysfunctional family?
I LOVE The Simpsons, it's one of those tv shows that you can watch and it will instantly brighten up your day. It's just so funny and always be one of my favourites as I've watched it ever since I could remember!
They recently did an episode where Marge, Bart and Lisa made a food blog and it got really popular haha!
My favouriteeeee ever episode, is when they go to Italy and Sideshow Bob is the mayor of Tuscany or something. I love that one haha!

1) “Too many people spend money they haven't earned, to buy things they don't want, to impress people they don't like.” - Will Smith

2) "You can only change yourself, not others" - Brahma Kumaris

3) "Those assumptions came from a place of fear, a fear of the unfamiliar, ignorance born out of ignorance" - Kat Von D

I hope you all found this interesting haha :) And try this out too?

~ xoxo

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