Sunday, 30 September 2012

Want more views?

I actually can't keep up with how fast my blog is gaining views, and it seems that every other week, I'm blogging about reaching a milestone. And it really is awesome! So thank you to everyone who has viewed my blog and are following my posts!!

So I was asked, "How do you get so many views?"
And as you can see, I have less than 100 followers... so how does that work out? 

I'm still deciding which of the two is more important: Followers or Viewers? As I've seen bloggers with several 100s of followers, yet their views aren't really that high considering they've been blogging for quite some time.

But anyway, I thought I'd give a bit of advice on how to get more views :) Because I am a nice blogger hahaa

1) Words. Words. Words : Words are absolutely vital! I know you might be saying, "Well I write loads anyway" and thats good. I'm talking about those who only write a line or two per post. You should write loads more. As Blogger is actually SEO (somethign to do with Google's search engine), it means that when you write a phrase "how to maintain long nails", and someone searches, "how to long nails" or something. Your blog will be there in that list :) But that's not all. Let me show you some of the keywords that have led readers to this blog:

I honestly don't know how this links people to my blog, but it happens and I get views for it!

2) Schedule A Post : If you're on a busy schedule, try and find a couple minutes or an hour to write up a post for the next day or the next few days. Because it will keep your blog running, and people will keep checking back to read it :) It's great if you blog regularly if not everyday :)

3) Post a review : It doesn't have to be about makeup, it can be something you bought. A piece of technology, or a new music video or an album. Basically something that people will want to know. For example, one of my most popular posts of all time is: Dark Tulip Hair Dye FAQ

As it's something that people may want to try out, and I'm answering a lot of questions there so it will be helpful for those that want to try out the product.

4) How To's : Earn money, make friends, make chocolate cake, jailbreak an iPhone... Haha I don't know! Try and think about things that you want to know how to do, find out how to do it (based on your own experiences) and write about it :)
How To's are very popular, and a lot of people are typing in on Google "How To blah blah blah" and it will gain you a lot of views if you post a How To on something really popular :)

5) Mention someone : This is something a lot of people do already, however they kinda underestimate it. It's great ot mention another blogger, or YouTuber, or someone with a lot of friends of followers or popularity. Don't expect this to work everytime though, but sometimes when you mention someone, they will end up RT'ing or reposting it so that their followers will see. 
Yutakis RT'd it because he really liked it, although I didn't expect him to so that gained me quite a lot of views which I'm sooo happy about :) 
And when they to RT it, do thank them :) Because afterall they are giving you more views, right? And it's only fair!
Oh, and I know a lot of people on YouTube especially, mention other well known YouTubers like Michelle Phan or famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian. So when people search for them, their videos will pop up too :) It's the same for blogging too haha! 

Anyway, I hope this has helped a little bit haha! And thank you again for everyone who has viewed my blog recently, and all of the lovely comments from International readers!! You're all amazing :)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Man, I'm loving Magazine Design

Hey everyone :)

One of the modules of my Journalism degree this year is "Magazine design" which is SO much fun! We had our first lecture and seminar on Friday and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. 
In our seminar, we had to create a simple text using Adobe InDesign - which I've had a lot of practice with for the past year or so. It's very similar to Photoshop - which I've been using since God knows how long - so I'm finding it really easy but not to mention excitingg.

And our first homework thing was to screenshot what we did, and annotate it step by step...

The functionalities of the InDesign toolbar :) 
This wasn't so bad as some of these tools are on Photoshop and Illustrator, so I knew what most of them were.

And our second given homework was to buy an A3 sketchbook, and collect magazine covers and annotate them. How they look, size, the colour scheme, audience it's for, layout etc. And it's better to find contrasting magazine covers.

I got a little bit carried away with mine, as I managed to find 6 so far haha

My sketchbook that me and Nat managed to find and buy in WHSmiths for £4 something :)

The first magazine cover I could think about annotating!!!! This is my favourite magazine cover.. Vogue always have awesome covers but because it's Lana Del Rey, I like it even more! She's so pretty and glamorous!

And a load of different other ones :)

I really love this part of the module, as it reminds me of A-Level Art where we would have a huge sketchbook where we would draw, write and stick in things which we found unusual or interesting or were just inspiration altogether :)
I wanted to be a little bit more creative with this, but I thought I'd better not get carried away haha!

I really do think this will continue to be my favourite module! :D
Over the next week or so, I'm going to be playing around with InDesign, and create different magazine covers as practice, as it's one of our assessments! 

Other Uni stuff:

 My lovely pink diary :) I love being organised, I used to have a diary for last year but I eneded up misplacing it during the year! But this year I'm going to keep writing in this, about things I've got to blog about, my future deadlines and meetings I have with business people :) 
Being organised makes me feel positive and more motivated to work!

How awesome does this keyboard look?!!?!? 
This is inside the Video Journalism classrooms, as we will be taking out the big cameras and filming all around campus and Huddersfield! It looks so exciting and colourful (even though it's just a keyboard hahaa) and we'll be learning to use Avid video software :) I've never used it before so I'm hoping I will be able to pick up the techniques quickly :)

Hassnain and Iana on the huge video camera :) It was raining a little bit while we were filming and we didn't know how to put the waterproof thing on it... oopsie!
But it was so much fun as we learned how to use the camera and figuring out how it all works!

One of our assessments for it is to film a clip of us talking to the camera.... and omg, I'm so nervous for that!!! :$ I'm going to be so shy!

 Anyway, I'm going to continue with more work as I have ideas for my PR module :) This year is going to be so much more fun than last years, and I'm so glad it's more creative and involves a lot of designing!! :) 
So excited!!!

~ xoxo

My FAVE Alternative

I posted 'My Acne Story' a while ago, where I menioned that I've actually stopped having regular cows milk, and swapped it for a healthier alternative...

So you might be thinking, "Well, what's the difference between Soya milk and cows milk? One is obviously from a cow and... well...?"

When cows lactate (make milk), it is generally for their own offspring.. right? And contains a lot of animal-y chemicals that are mainly for baby cows. Adn not to mention, farmers tend to over feed cows and add in extra drugs and chemicals. So when you think you're drinking a healthy glass of milk, you're actually drinking milk... with added cow hormones and extra unnecessary chemicals! Yuck!

And just knowing that had really put me off dairy milk. Anyway, along with my acne, I discovered that it could be dairy that makes my acne worse. And this could actually be true as I'm a crazy tea drinking woman!! Haha! I love my cups to tea and so this could be an added aggrevator for my acne.

But today, I'm going to talk about something less acne related.

The Alpro Soya team came to Leeds Train Station for the past week and gave out free samples of yoghurts and Almond milk!

I'm so sneaky, I managed to get two bags ;)

And in these bags were:

An Alpro Yoghurt

And a carton of Alpro Almond Milk

Look at all of the health benefits of Almond Milk!

This was the exclusive highlight of the free taster!

So... I tried the cherry yoghurt; and I'm not really keen on fruity yoghurts as I love my chocolate yoghurts - and this did taste quite nice. Although not the best I've had. It was definitely creamy, too creamy, that you kinda think, "Wow, this is actually really good for being non-dairy"! hahaha! But you feel less guilty about eating these yoghurts as they're more healthy :)

And I tried the Almond milk. Which I'm not too keen about! It obviously tastes like almonds but the taste is a little too overpowering - which can be a good thing if you like almonds. However I didn't like it. I love the taste of soya milk, and I don't think it can be replaced :P

Also at the main stall in Leeds train station, they were giving out a free taster of their pouring yoghurts on top of a fruity oat ceral :) 

Look at all of the different things you could try!

We got the oat and fruits cereal, topped with Alpro pouring yoghurt (Original flavour) and a few blueberries on top! It was so yummy :D

Then later on in the day, they gave out puddings :) 
And surprise surprise... What did I say earlier?


Haha! They gave out little boxes with these amazing yoghurts in it, and I was actually so happy that I had the chance to try it!!

I've seen these all of the time in Tescos and wondered how they'd taste. And they are definitely yummy! There is no extra taste, other than the lovely creamy chocolatey taste, which is usually found in many regular chocolate yoghurts! But this is obviously much more healthier than the dairy version, so I didn't feel bad about eating two of these....

(Yes, I managed to get two...Haha!)

If you haven't tried Alpro Soya, or anything that is Alpro in general, DO try it!! It's a much healthier and yummy alternative than regular dairy foods :)

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

1st Birthday!


I love finding out about events, I love writing about them! I've wrote about tonsss of events that I've been to; from Student Freshers, to family events, and even birthdays...

But today I'm going to talk about a certain birthday...

 To celebrate Westfield Stratford's 1st birthday, they are holding a HUGE event there - perfect for shoppaholics, bloggers and even families that want to take their children somewhere!

Check out more information here about the event;

So... what exactly is going on to celebrate this 1st birthday?! :)

South Gallery, Ground Floor:
- Circus ring master and entertainers including jugglers, magicians, mime artists and more
- Candy floss & popcorn machines
- Cake pops handed out
- Oversized birthday card where customers can leave “happy birthday” messages for WSC.
- Enter to win prizes
- Photo booth

Great Eastern Market:
- Kids’ activities all weekend – shopper bag and party hat decorating at Great Eastern Kitchen
- Saturday: 500 Waitrose cupcakes to be displayed and given out to lucky customers
- Sunday: 500 Buttercup cupcakes to displayed and given out to lucky customers

Northern Ticket Hall:
- Circus entertainers including stilt walkers and clowns
- fortune cookies, balloons and more given away

Select Car Park Lobbies:
- Giving out Offers Booklets and fortune cookies with offers from retailers inside them.

An “Offers Booklet” will be handed out to customers full of fantastic retailer offers and discounts available just for the Westfield Stratford City’s 1st Birthday!

Some of the available offers:
- Free tote bag from Lola&Grace
- £20 Off select frames from Vision Express
- 2 for £12 lunch (pasta, salad and drink) for 2 at Pasta Remoli

Happy 1st Birthday Westfield Stratford!!! :)

Check out Westfield Stratford's Facebook page, to find out more information about future events and prizes!

Check out the main wesbite to find out more!

(this post was sponsored by Westfields)
~ xoxo

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hanging On

Hey everyone :)

Sorry I hadn't posted anything yesterday!! I actually feel like I've fallen behind with my blogging as my photos and ideas for posts keeps building up, but nothing had actually been written out!!  

I've been so busy for the past couple of days though, I went to London this weekend for my cousins 21st birthday bash, and then back in Huddersfield for University. All of my lectures and seminars have now started too, so it's become a little bit hectic! I'm trying to find time to write up all of my posts, and I have a few hours now so I'll write some up :) yayy

Here are a few photos from the past few days :)

A reader from Singapore sent me this message on Friday! It's so sweet <3
Thank you Nadiah :)

OMG I've been obsessed with Ellie Goulding's song 'Hanging On' (but without Tinie Temper as he just ruins the song :/ haha)

~ xoxo

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Apple, sort yourself out please.

You guys know how much I love music right? And how much I love using apps to edit my photos, right?
But you guys also know that I've been having problems with my iPod Touch 4.

After installing it to iOS5, I've been having nothing but problems:
- The battery life is shit : I was able to use it for music and the battery would last me at LEAST 12 hours. Then, it suddenly started going quickly... say.. in the space of an hour?
- It randomly restores itself : This happens whilst I'm using it, if it's Skype, or watching something on YouTube etc. It just randomly shuts off, and goes to the Apple screen and then comes back on.
- The sound cuts off : I HATE this! Whenever I'm like getting ready and I want my music on playing in the background, I can't. Because if I don't use headphones, my iPod suddenly cuts off the sounds (and comes back on again after like 25 secs) or it just restores itself.
However, if my headphones are in, it's completely fine!
- It can't be unplugged : From this blog, you would already know that I'm a student and I commute daily to University and in that time, I like to listen to music. However, I can't do that. I can't unplug my iPod from a socket as it just turns off, and doesn't turn back on again... unless it's plugged back in! And it's been like this for almost a year now... and I really really really don't know what to do with it!
- It doesn't even turn on when plugged into the computer. It just remains dead. And I've tried the whole, holding down the buttons for 10 secs, and putting it into DFU mode or Restoration mode. But still, I get all fo these problems again :(

I'm going to try out iOS6 now, and I'm hoping that this will help. Otherwise I'm not going to be happy at all :(

And... I tried looking on the Apple website for a solution and well... take a look:

Right now, I'm sat at the computer with my iPod plugged in, and it's not even coming on.

So Apple, how am I meant to find this serial number if my iPod doesn't turn on?

And to those of you wondering, I've had this iPod coming to 2 years, and it's been like this for a year. I've misplaced the box, and I can't find out the serial number (I've been asked if it was at the back of the iPod) and I've looked. And my iPod surface is no longer shiny or anything and the only thing I can see is the 32GB and a few of the icons at the bottom.

It's a shame really, because I love iPods and other Apple products! But this really does annoy me when it happens! :(

Can anyone offer a solution or something that will actually help??

P.S: I managed to get it to almost restore. Then it just said "unknown error has occured".. again. I'm going to take it to the Apple shop tomorrow and if they can't fix it then... I don't know :'(

~ xoxo

Friday, 21 September 2012

Wishes come true?

I was looking back on last months post I WISH!! where I had posted about a few things I wish I could buy or even just achieve. Check out the post here if you haven't already!

In fact, I 'd thought about this post yesterday.. well.. I'll explain why further on in this post! But anyway, let's look at the wishes that had managed to come true :)

1) Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation:
Bought it! I love this foundation, and I did a full review of it here.

2) Dermablend Concealer.
Well... I didn't manage to buy it as I don't really have money for buying makeup, however I did manage to try out the foundation! It's a full coverage foundation and the shade I saw, really does match my skin well! I really want to get this after my Healthy Mix and Soap & Glory foundation finishes! (Will probably be another year or so haha!)

3) Clothes:
Well.. I wrote about how I wanted that leopard print dress. I haven't found it yet... however at that time, I was on the look out for a cute dress in general! Which I found!

A really pretty floral dress from H&M, which was in the sales too! 
Check out that post here.

4) Sponsors:
I originally said that I would love sponsors for products tht would help my acne prone skin. That didn't come true... (just yet!). However, I was aproached to write a sponsored post, read it here. And it went absolutely well!! As a result, I got paid £32.64 :D Eeeek!
Thank you!!!! :)

5) Keeping up my motivation for the blog!:
Yeah, I've done that :D Haha. I've managed to post every single day since this wish post, except one day (a few days ago) as I was sooo busy from commuting to University, that I had fallen asleep when I was meant to be writing up a post! 
But yeah, I've been managing to write up something new and fresh everyday, which has led to me having more and more views... and also! People around University have been coming up to me saying, "Omg I love your blog!! I read it all the time!"
:D yay! I'm so glad you guys like reading my blog!!

Anyway! I hope you've all had a lovely week! I am off to London tonight to celebrate my cousin's 21st birthday tomorrow, so I might not post tomorrow! But I will definitely be posting on Sunday!

~ xoxo

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Try Me

If you've popped into Boots lately, you would've noticed that they offer tester products on the skincare.. which it wasn't like that before! And I was sooo surprised they do this now, and I went crazy earlier today just trying out products!

Aaah Soap & Glory! Can you see the light beaming around the products? Yeah, these products are heavenly! And can you see on the left, they have little "Try Me" sections where you can try the products!

I love how it gives a small description of what the product aims to do! This is the "Make Yourself Youthful" serum! I hadn't seen the silver pump tube I haven't seen before, so I was so curious to try it out!

Just a small amount like this is definitely plenty! Oh, and don't ask about the 53,654 as it was just what my pageviews were this morning haha! :P

See how it makes the skin look so silky! This serum is really creamy, but not really heavy! It is light weight, but it really does make the skin feel and look smoother, and it definitely is a great base for under the makeup!! I really really really want to try this out!!

I'm so attracted to shiny and unusual packaging like this :P

So then... I came across....

Olay Regenerist!!!!!!
Now you might be thinking, "Eh, you're only 20, why do you need anti wrinkle serums?!" Well... your skin starts to age when you hit 18... but I've seen Cheesie use this serum on her blog, and she constantly writes about it!! And this was the first time I've ever seen this product here as I've been searching high and low for this!

And I was SO happy there was a tester for it too!

It comes in a pump bottle! I think I really like the appearance of the product, as it's super shiny and looks really classy haha :)

I tried this product out, obviously! How could I not?!
And this isn't as thick as the Soap & Glory serum, however they both seem to do the same trick! My skin felt really soft and supply after using this, and I applied makeup on to it afterwards, and it went on perfectly smooth!

Ah! Now on to Vichy produts. I hadn't really paid any attention to Vichy Dermablend products until I saw Lisa Eldridge use it in her Acne scarring coverup makeup tutorial! And these products are highly suggested to cover up blemishes, as they are really pigmented and thick, however they're suited for problematic skin (e.g acne, sun damaged skin)

Vichy Dermablend corrector. I think this was the foundation :)

I remember Lisa Eldridge saying that the colours aren't all that good, as they don't have a high variety of shades that match all skin tones. But I think I found one that did match my skin quite well though :) 
Number 35.

Also, do you see how the foundation sits so nicely on top of the Soap & Glory and Olay Regenerist serums?! :D

Anyway, that's all for today! I will be updating tomorrow with the photos from todays Freshers events :)

~ xoxo
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