Monday, 27 August 2012

What's missing?

Can you tell what's missing in this photo?

Well other than my tulip hair colour that's now faded (eurgh)

Lipstick? No.


When people apply makeup and usually want to do a natural sort of look, they often forget to fill in their eyebrows, AND you can tell. Notice how mine look really sparse, grey and almost non-existant? Yeah, I have really fine eyebrows so I really need to fill them in. I wasn't one of those lucky girls who woke up with perfectly shaped and dark eyebrows.

Most eyebrow compacts are awesome, I used the Eyebrow Kit by ELF. I lovee this as I've used it for months and I still have loads of the product left! I usually opt for the wax and powder kits, as brow pencils often look really streaky and look as if you've just drawn them on. Whereas powder can give a natural look, and wax helps to keep the brow hairs in place.

Some people think that eyebrows should be filled in the same consistency all of the way through. Wrong! Look at how your eyebrows are. The start of the brow is usually feathery, and then it gradually gets darker towards the arch and then the tip is usually darkest. So keep that in mind when you fill in your eyebrows - well if you want a natural look. If you're doing heavy eyemakeup like a smokey eye, then you can fill your eyebrows in more and make them darker throughout.


Now forgive me for looking so excited in this photo haha, and yeah I put lipgloss on :)

Makeup I'm wearing:
Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser - Beige
Mac Concealer - NC30
Body Shop Marble Bronzer
Maybelline Gel Eyeliner
Soap & Glory 'Thick & Fast' Mascara
False Eyelashes - eBay
ELF Eyebrow Kit
Rimmel London lipgloss (I forgot the shade)

~ xoxo

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  1. Que genial el post!!


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