Friday, 31 August 2012

What kinda job do you want, Ravi?

I've been thinking a lot lately. My career, my degree, my future... And how I'd want things to be like in the next 5 years or so. And just thinking about it is scary, I'll be like 25 and omg! Old! Nah I'm joking. When I hit 30 I will start to panic and reach for the anti-wrinkle serums.

But have you ever just wondered how things will be?

Well, we can't really do much about the future itself, so why should we worry about it? After all, we can give all of our energy into tasks today for a better tomorrow.

And so I've decided. I'm going to really step up my blogging and writing. I know I am pretty dedicated to my blog as I write something every day, but I really want to actually generate more content that people will actually WANT to read. So during University (when I have more chances to explore the town and actually venture out) I will be blogging much more about daily life, places, food, more advice but student related.
Right now I'm mainly writing advice and reviews on makeup etc, and that's all I can do at the moment!

Yeah, blogging. I know a lot of people think blogs are just kinda crappy online things where people write about things they've eaten or what they did in their day. But blogging is something that can be turned into a career.

 It is what you make of it.

That is why I am constantly writing up new posts and really experimenting about the things I write about and mixing it all up!

People don't really know all of the advantages that come with blogging; making friends, gaining worldwide readership, sponsors, opportunities to try new things out, being spotted out in town. And obviously, money.
But money is something that really needs to be earned, so when you really do work hard at blogging, then you will see all of the benefits.

But... some people may think of blogging as a task. Like something they are being forced to do... or they run out of inspiration. Which isn't right. You should blog because you want to, because you have something to share with the world, or... you just want to be in the spotlight :P right?
And I find blogging so theraputic... well writing in general. I find it much more easier than talking to be honest... which is weird. Because as I'm writing this, it's like I'm talking to you right now.
But anyway.

I'd love for this to be my job. It's still the beginning of my career though and new doors will open for me through blogging (I hope!) I've never really imagined myself working... which is really weird. I've always thought of doing something fun as a job, so I wouldn't actually call it 'work' haha, and this is something I'd totally love doing full time.

Yeah... I don't really know why I've posted all of this, but yeah. This is something I'd totally love to do! :) Maybe in 5 years time I will have succeeded into making this a proper job and earning the amount that regular workers make.

 If you could have any job, what would it be? Or do you blog and want to make it a career too?

~ xoxo

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