Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Tips for a SUCCESSFUL Blog & making $$$

To some people, blogging might be just one of those things that they consider 'easy'. 
They think that all you have to do is post a couple posts and you will have money rolling in quickly.


Blogging is not easy money. You have to post hundreds of interesting blog entries in order to get so many thousands of views per day in order to actually make a living out of blogging.

For some people it takes months, for others it takes years. It's an incredibly long struggle and if you really want an income through blogging, you must be willing to work hard for it!

After blogging for just over half a year, I've learned so many different things. So, I'm going to share these tips with you to help you blog to get more views and also the £££ or $$$ (wherever you're from) hahaa :D

1) You need to have passion for blogging - Or writing in general. If you like the idea of sharing your thoughts with others, or things that other people find interesting - you'll like blogging. I hate when people are just into blogging for the money, or the idea of becoming famous or getting sponsorships. If you don't have the passion for blogging, you will end up getting frustrated at the fact that you're taking up time to write one or two blog posts, and you're not getting what you want.

2) Get AdSense - As soon as you start your blog, get AdSense ads put in so that when people look at your blog, ads are there and so when they click on it... well... you'll get the money ;)
AdSense doesn't really pay well when you're just making like 300 views a day, but keep blogging to the point where your views are 1000 a day, and you'll see that money start rolling in :)
It may seem like a lot of work, but it's possible!

3) Add photos into your blog posts - People LOVE pictures. Whether you're doing a blog entry of a party you went to, or a restaurant you ate at, or a new product you've bought. Add photos. This will also help bring in more views from Google Image search :)

4) Write often - Post something interesting or unusual or funny at least everyday!

5) Use Social media to your advantage - Post your blog on your Twitter or Facebook or G+ or whatever you use :) This will help to bring in more views, and if you're lucky, people will share it with their friends! :)

6) Make the most of your Blog titles - Whenever you write a new entry, think of an attention grabbing title, that way people will have this curios urge to have a look at what you've posted.

7) Keep making IDEAS for future posts - I have a book that I write up my future entries, even if it is just the titles. I keep a note of things I've bought (that can be reviews), places I've been to, things I've eaten, things I've made. You can make an interesting blog post about almost literally everything. 
And if you reaaalllyyy want to, you can Google blog post ideas if you're really that stuck. 
But the good thing about writing down ideas, is that you can always refer back to them when you have that shitty writer's block.

8) Don't give up - Blogging can be quite stressful, as you may not be getting the results you want straight away. But do keep trying! Keep writing your blog posts and make them interesting and exciting, and you WILL get there


Hope these tips help you!

~ xoxo


  1. this is seriously very helpful! it's given my the inspiration to carry on blogging for as long i can do! :) xx

    1. Aww that's great!! :) Glad to help xx

  2. Great post! :D
    I think many people start blogging to make money, but yeah, it's not easy and really need to work for it.

    I've just had my blog for a few months, but hope I will get a loads of lovely followers to post for. ^^

    Frillycakes ♥

    1. Thanks!! And yeah you will get more followers :) Keep working hard! xx

  3. Actually it's much easier to earn money by getting companies to pay for reviews or introducing posts. I got $20 per a post, for example.

    1. Ohh really? I'm not sure about that as I haven't been sponsored by anything before haha xP xx


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