Thursday, 16 August 2012

Rhinestone Nails

I love nail art.. as I think it makes nails look so pretty and elegant! Espceially the Japanese nail deco.. It looks so amazing!

Picture from Tumblr ^_^

During my first year of University I was soo busy that I couldn't do any nail art that I always used to do, so I decided to be creative and sort my nails out last night haha :)

Here are my nails:

So, what did I use to create this look?

I had only used the pinkish colour to cover the entire nail


Rhinestone wheels - I had bought a ton of these wheels ages ago off eBay; it's so much cheaper to purchase them off there rather than buy them from Sallys or something. I used a light pink shade and clear rhinestones for this look.

 Top coat - to help the rhinestones stay in place :)

A tweezer tool - So I could pick up the rinestones and place them where I want on my nail :)

The finished look:



  1. your nails are so amazzzzing! i'm so crappy at design stuff. i had to chop mine off 'cause i work in a cafe. Life hasn't been the same since haha. I can perv over yours now though!!

    1. Awww thanks! Omg that must be so shit though! I didn't know you had to cut down your nails if you worked in a cafe... although that does make sense haha. :P Thanks!! xx

  2. I LOOOOVE the design you created, it's so feminine and simple :)) your nail shape is really beautiful too :))


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