Thursday, 30 August 2012

Reasons I Won't Read Your Blog

I thought I'd makethis more of a tips and advice blog for those that are blogging but notreally getting the views and readership they really want! So I'm going to re-name this:
"Ways to IMPROVE your blog :)"

So as you know, I've had my blog for less than a year (it'll be a year in December!) and I think I've done pretty well so far, almost 50k views and a lot of followers which I'm so grateful for! Things can only keep going up from here :)
And so, here are some things that I do that help me get more readers, but also things that I see on other blogs which I think have so much potential of being more well known.
So here goes!

1) Have more personality - Unless you're blogging about something really serious, or you're like reporting news (well even news reporting can be made more fun) try to add more personality in your writing.
I've come across a lot of blogs where they write really good stuff, but I love reading things where I feel like the blogger is actually talking to me. You get what I mean? I love that sort of blogger-to-reader relationship.
So how would you do this? Well... write how you'd normally talk. Write in all of your hahaha's, the OMG's, your opinions whether it's good or bad.

2) PICTURES - I'm one of those where I hate reading loaaaaaads of writing, and I love when writing is broken up by really nice photos. Or, sometimes I'll click on to a blog and most of their posts are just writing, whereas I'd be like "Who is writing this blog!?" So yeah, if you posted a bit about yourself so people can see, it'll help :) And yeah, I'm one of those where I'd read photo books rather than actual novels. I don't know haha I'm sure a lot of people like seeing a mix of photos and text!

3) Paragraphs - I know some people can write on and on and on. But why not break it up a little. Like post 3 sentences. Then a word.. and then like a sentence. But also make use of the bold, italics, font size stuff too. Do you get what I mean? No?

 " Now this part is optional. I took a black gel liner (Maybelline) and started coating areas of the lashes where glue was visible. You don't have to do this but I did, as I knew it would save me time later when I apply them on. Also, the glue I used was from Soap & Glory and it dried in this eggshell shade, whereas usually I'd use a clear lash glue. 
So... how do they look? :)
Try it out at home and experiment!! :D "
Get it now? It helps to break up the text because it makes it much more easier on the eyes, and people are more likely to read all of what you have written.
4) Try and mix it up - There has been many times I've gone on to different people's blogs, yet their content is fairly similar. Like, they'd post NOTD or OOTD and that's basically it. And their reviews are pretty similar too with the swatches etc.  Like it's still great, but how about other things too. Like a nail tutorial of something that's really new, or something that isn't really heard of, or ways to wear an outfit. Things like that.
Tutorials are usually the posts that get more views :) So write up more How-To's!

5) Post more! - Again, a lot of blogs I've come across and they only post like once a week. And that'snot enough for me haha! I really love when people take blogging a bit more seriously, and blog either once a day or every other day. All the frequent blogging may seem a little tedious, as you end up running out of ideas, but why not post a set of photos as one, an opinion post, a tutorial, a review on either a makeup product or book or movie, an outfit post, a diary post etc. And mix it up!

 When you start blogging more, you'll see that you'll get twice the amount of views, and you will have more people coming back to see your blog!

6) Titles - Titles are a KEY thing to blogging. I've seen titles where it just explains what you're goin to read... and it gets a little boring. I love when people post titles that have a little mystery to them e.g "I'm so sick of this!" or "Can you guess what this is?" Or "It had suddenly hit me..". Things like that.
People will feel more inclined to think "Oh, what is this?" And they'll click on it.

7) Drama - We all love a bit of drama :P Whether it's Xiaxue vs Dawn Yang, or some other bloggers ripping each other. Sure, it's not really nice but it's fun to read. And I'm not saying that you should purposely start drama with someone, but it can make a really good blog post depending on how you write it.
Trust me.
I've been in a bit of drama the past few months, and just blogging about it has gotten me quite a lot of readership. Even if you were to talk about somethign dramatic like something in a tv show? Maybe?

8) Layout - I know some people aren't really creative in their blog layout, but it does make all the difference. Spend an hour or two on Photoshop or something and make a new header photo, and then customise your blog layout and colours. Because it will look like you've put in a lot of effort with your blog appearance and you'll look like a more authentic blogger :P hahaa.

Anyway, I hope this helps! And I'd love to see more blogs improving their content and layout because I know so many bloggers out there have so much potential to be really awesome!!

~ xoxo


  1. Really helpful Ravi, thanks :) xxx

  2. And this is why I love reading your blog, it's useful!

  3. I agree with all of this! There are lots of things that put me off reading someone's blog just by the look of it, layout or kind of posts.
    This is helpful too as I am a new blogger :)


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