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Products That SUCK

Hello everyone :)

This post is actually a collaboration post with my sister, SimplyBeautifulYou on YouTube - I'll link her video at the end of this post! So the past two days, we were cleaning out our makeup drawers (yes, drawers! We have thaaat much makeup) and literally saying "Ugh, why did I buy this? It was just a waste of money!"

Then we thought, "Ah! Let's make a post about this!" So we've decided to pick 10 items each that we've both bought ourselves, and just explain why we don't like them. Let's go!

1) Revlon - Just Bitten Lip Tint

This product comes with the lip tint applicator and the balm on the opposite side... It's pretty handy to have the two seperate sides as there is no fumbling around with extra items. 
So, why don't I like this product?
Well it dried out quickly!! As you can see in the photos, I had to literally force it onto my skin yet it's so dried up that it looks super streaky.
This product was great at first, but it dried up within 2/3 weeks of usage. Definitely not happy :(

2) Maybelline Expression Kohl eyeliner

This eyeliner does do a good job of producing really dark eyelines... with force. It's the kind of liner that requires you to actually put pressure on it just to draw a really defined and dark line. I'm the kind of girl who applies makeup on the train to university because I'm too busy deciding what to wear in the morning (if only I could wear PJs!) and I really love my smooth eyeliners that you can use effortlessly but still get the lines you want :) 

3) Maybelline 24hr Super Stay concealer

Wow, not really looking good for Maybelline right? Well, more to come (oh no!). I purchased this a while ago actually and used it perhaps just three times and it's been lying in my makeup drawer ever since.
First of all, this concealer is PINK! It's too pale for my skin tone (I obviously picked up the wrong shade, crap!) but I thought I could work around that and just apply a bronzer.. or mix it with a dark foundation... and it worked!
But... more happened!
I had the concealer on for a few hours, as you do, and I removed it with makeup wipes... to find that I had a huge breakout. It wasn't like really big pimples or anything, it was just tons of tiny red dots. And at the time, I never thought it could've been this! So a few weeks later, I decided to try it again... to find the same thing! Ughh!

4) Soap & Glory - Trick or Treatment concealer

I blogged about the Soap & Glory products before, and I mentioned how I didn't really like this product. It's more of a highlighter than a concealer. Yeah, it looks really nice on my hand. However, if you have blemishes, dry skin, or uneven skin tones then this product may not be for you. This does accentuate all of that, and doesn't really do a good concealer cover up... Totally disappointed with this product :(

5) Soap & Glory - You Won't Believe Your Eyes

I blogged about this before too. Basically this is a cream that helps to diminish puffy under eyes and also redness around them... However, I don't get red around my eyes! Fffs! The blueish tint is to counteract the redness... And I guess it only works on those that get the redness. It's just a fial product for me.

6) No7 Beautiful Skin moisturiser for dry/very dry skin

I bought this during the December/January as I was suffering from really bad dry skin and I thought this would at least conquer it and help my skin to regain it's moisture. NO! It only broke me out and was just a waste of money. It feels really nice on the skin though, and it doesn't make your skin feel greasy or anything, but it just didn't work for me. It did help my dry skin to an extent... only to make me break out. Too bad I haven't used it since!

7) Johnsons Daily Essentials Nourishing 24hr Day Cream for dry skin

Another product I tried our for my dry skin... and the same with this too. It just made me break out! It's pretty disappointing as you think "Oh, it's by Johnsons, their stuff is meant to be good..." which brings me onto my next product...

8) Simple Light Moisturiser 

This TOO broke me out! And after seeing all their adverts on tv about how it contains natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals... yeah that's cool But it broke me out! And despite it being a 'light' moisturiser too, it still affected me. Fortunately I bought a small travel sized bottle so it wasn't much loss :) OH and aalso their face wipes, is a big no-no for me too. I only like their cream masks.

9) Witch Hazel Blemish Gel

So I bought this because I was wanting to try something out for my acne, and Witch Hazel has been one of those that is actually okay for me. Their makeup range is so amazing and I like their face wipes too! However this gel just doesn't really cut it for me. It's one of those products that just doesn't work... either my skin just won't work with it, or it's ineffective.
I do like the fact that it feels really nice and refreshing on my skin, and it has a nice smell too :)

10) Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam foundation 

And for the last Maybelline product, I bring you the Airfoam foundation. Which was one of the recent foundations they brought out... and it's really shit. I'm sorry but I absoultely despise it. I actually bought this from a stand alone stall and the woman had matched me up to it... and as you can see, it's TOO light! But also... have you seen the consistency of it? It's like a mousse... that turns into some sort of liquid... that you keep rubbing and it just doesn't set. So it becomes all liquidy and streaky. Definitely not a good look!!

So I hope you liked this review, and do check out my sisters video too! :)

~ xoxo


  1. Completely agree about that foamy foundation, I swatched it and so much product came out and all of the colours were orange!

    1. I know! They really need to up their game on their shades! xx


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