Thursday, 23 August 2012

Need to LOSE weight?

Hey everyone :)

I want to share with you guys some tips on how to lose weight and also, how to keep your weight down.
Now first things first, the biggest I've been is like a UK size 12.. and now my current size is UK size 8. So it's not really much of a big thing, but I've lost that weight and managed to keep it off for like the past 4 or 5 years.

So, I just wanted to share with you some tips and tricks and some advice to help you shed a few pounds. Whether you want to get into a smaller dress or just in general haha.

1) Green tea : A lot of people tend to underestimate what green tea can actually do for you, not only is it high in antioxidants but it can help speed up your metabolism, it helps to prevent illnesses. 
But if you're not happy with the taste of green tea, opt for white tea. Which is basically the same thing if not better. It tastes less bitter and you can add in a bit of honey if you want to sweeten it up.
 Also, the fact that it's a warm drink can help you feeling full for longer and you don't feel the need to snack or whatever.

2) Switch foods : Instead of white bread, try wholemeal bread. And thats the same with pasta! Have brown rice instead of white rice - it has a different texture (almost nutty) but it tastes really nice (well I think so haha!). And instead of regular white potatoes, try sweet potato - which is my personal favourite!
"Sweet potatoes are also high in calcium, folate, potassium and beta-carotene. Beta-carotene is an antioxidant which converts to Vitamin A in the body: one serving of sweet potatoes can provide you with as much as 700% of the US RDA for Vitamin A. The Center for Science in the Public Interest rates sweet potatoes as the number one most nutritious vegetable because they such are so nutritionally rich."

3) Work out : As well as improving your diet, do work out too! Whether you're actually going out walking, running or going to a gym. If you're just wanting to shed a few pounds without actually working out, then just walk. Trust me. Walking does help! Well... fast walking haha! Like say if you're shopping, walk around the shopping centre a couple of times - it may not be much but it's better than nothing, right?

4) Getting the most out of working out : One of my personal favourites is the treadmil where I do fast walking (with random 30 secs of sprinting) and switiching it up - to get the heart rate going - on incline. Basically when you're going up hill, you're actually burning twice the amount of calories (that's what I found).

So how I'd do it is to walk on the steepest incline for about 5 minutes (just to warm up), then up the speed, then do around ten 30 secs of sprinting with 1 min of fast walking in between. It really does work better, and you will definitely see a difference within 2 weeks.

5) Water, water, WATER! : You're usually meant to drink your body weight in water - so if you're 135 pounds/lbs, then drink 1.35 litres of water. And if you're working out, drink like half a litre more for every half hour you're working (something like that!).
Now they say you shouldn't drink excessive amounts of water because the electrolytes in your body become imbalanced and that's not good BUT that's only when you're drinking like 5 litres a day or something.
So stick between 1 or 3 litres a day.
But also you need water to keep hydrated, to keep your mind working, and also to prevent you from snacking. A lot of the time people mistake thirst for hunger, and begin to eat snacks and meals when really you should be just having a glass of water instead.
Andddd, your body recycles water and you don't want it to keep recycling dirty water, right?

6) Small meals : Now this is for people who want to lose weight but still want to eat the foods that they love. Eat small meals but frequently. Like sometimes I'll have mainly protein (chicken mostly) and some veg with it. Or I'll have a baked sweet potato by itself. Or I'll have fried egg on toasted bread. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's all that fills me up, and I like eating that too haha. (I know I'm so boring with my food).
And I've noticed that if I do this, and if I go out somewhere that I know I'll be eating loads of food, I won't feel guilty or anything and I'll just eat whatever and how ever much I'd like haha.

Anyway, I hope this helps those of you wanting to shed a few pounds or stones.

~ xoxo


  1. You are so pretty hun :) i need to drink more water!!! Crikey! I am following your fab blog!

    Check mine if you can

  2. Awww thankyou! I'll check it out :) xx


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