Tuesday, 14 August 2012

My Acne Story

Hello everyone :)

Check out "My Acne Story" video for an updated version of this post; along with products I recommend, and my own experience of battling with acne :)

So I've been deciding on whether or not I should post this up, as this is quite nerve wracking as it's about something that has affected me for yearrrrs. However I thought I should, as my story and advice might help a single person out there :)

Hopefully haha.

Everyone, and I mean everyone, suffers a pimple at least ONCE in their life. Or maybe a few, or maybe they get more than others.
Some experience acne - which is more than just the occasional pimple - yet they fail to realise what is causing their acne.

It could be :
- Hormones = Yeah, during the teenage years, you're more prone to getting a lot of pimples and or acne. Yet, they go after a while as you 'grow out of it'.
- Poor diet = You're not getting all of your essential mineals and vitamins, and you skin is showing you that it's not being looked after internally. They usually say that your skin tends to show you signs of how your internal system is doing. Hence why sometimes if we have an allergy reaction, you will see symptoms of it on the skin.
- Lack of moisture = Yeah, I know! People with oily skin may say "My skin is already oily, why would I want to put more moisture on it?!"... I'll talk about this more later.
- Not looking after the skin properly = Maybe you're not using the right products suited to your ksin type, and is therefore causing you to break out and it'll get worse.
- Or, the final thing, it could just be genetic - I always thought I had typical problematic Asian skin and that I couldn't do anything about it...

My problem :
Around 4 years ago, just before my eldest brothers wedding (keep in mind I only got the occasional few pimples, and it was really easy to control).. and like one day I woke up and I had all of these really tiny red bumps along my cheek bones. And it wasn't acne or anything, we all think it was just a reaction to dust or something (and it went away after like 3 days without any scarring or anything).. Yet we still went to the doctor who had treated it as acne!! :/
But he gave me this topical cream and a set of Erythromycin tablets and told me to have them twice a day and my acne will all go.

This was the topical gel, Isotrexin and it had the Erythromycin in there too. And this gel DID work, it didn't make my skin feel oily and it helped to get rid of exisisting acne that I had. The only problem was that it made my skin dryyyyyyy as hell. And I couldn't moisturise either as the doctor told me not to. 
So I had finished the course of tablets, and the doctor prescribed me another load of tablets. However this acne didn't fully cure my acne... It didn't help to prevent it either.. And a 2 years later, I had a really bad break out...
Despite the fact that I was already eating healthily and exercising (as I really wanted to lose weight at one point) and I had a daily routine. My skin got really bad... almost the worst it has ever been

That is JUST the scarring of it.

So, how did it get this bad? I didn't moisturise, and I was using the wrong products.
I was using this microdermabrasion wash (a very fine exfoliant) everyday... and I didn't moisturise either as I thought "Oh, my skin is oily enough, why do I want to add more moisture" - I was so silly!
But what Ididn't know was that, if I added more moisture to my skin, my own skin would produce less oil.. and therefore not cause me to break out!
Unfortunately I didn't realise this until my skin was pretty bad :'(

I had to sort it out! I ditched the microdermabrasion and opted for a creamy cleanser (Soap & Glory Peaches & Clean) and an Oil Free Moisturiser (Boots Botanics range Oil Free moisturiser).

And my skin was on the road to recovery!!

My FULL Coverage Foundation Routine for Acne Skin

No editing on this ;)

It was just finding a balance between a good diet, finding the right facial products and oh yeah, keeping away from stress! Haha :P

So, what products do I use now?

Body Shop Tea Tree Oil -
 I usually dab this on a pimple and it will help to dry it up without any fuss! :) If you do use this, try and use it on the area you NEED it. As this can really dry your skin up!

Cure Natural Aqua Gel -
 This is like an exfoliant in a pump bottle and is the MOST raved about product in Japan when it comes to skin care! It's made of 70% water (so it's not dangerous or anything haha). I bought this from Yesstyle.com a few months ago, and I still have loads left!! You just take a small amount and rub it gently on your skin, and all of the dead skin on your face will start to peel off. 
This stuff is amazing and makes your skin feel really fresh and clean! :) - I only use this maybe once or twice every 2 weeks :)

Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser - 
 My sister actually bought this, as she also has acne scarring too and wanted a miracle product to help get rid of it! And this is AMAZING! Her skin has completely cleared up and the texture of it is so soft! 
The only problem with this product is that it isn't cheap haha! But it is definitely worth your money though, as it is very light for every day use but does the amazing trick of getting rid of dead skin and making your face brighter!

BiorĂ© Pore Perfect - Pore Unclogging Scrub - 
I had bought this to use as I wanted to stop using the Clarins Exfoliant so much, and this so far has been a great product. It's great for an every day use and hasn't caused me to break out! Success!
It makes my skin feel refreshed and clean :)

Dr Organic Argan Oil Day Cream - 
I found this in the Dr Organics skin care line at Holland & Barrett, and I was in desperate need of a good moisturiser. I found that my Botanics oil free moisturise just wasn't hydrating enough, and the Nivea moisturiser was just too rich and thick.
I'm SO glad I found this and bought it! It's quite creamy but not too thick, and does such an AMAZING job of hydrating my skin :) It smells so lovely and the fact that it is Organic and contains lots of essential oils make me feel like I'm rubbing good stuff on my face haha :D

Baby Wipes -
This is the best thing I've ever used to remove my makeup... It's so much better than the other one like Simple or Witch Hazel wipes... This just takes the makeup right off and leaves my skin feeling supple and healthy :) And hasn't caused me to break out. ALSO, you get a ton of wipes in there for a really great price so it's really awesome if you're wanting to save money but still look after your skin :)
It's really important that you remove all of your makeup before going to sleep, because if you don't, then the bacteria on your skin will breed with the oil and dirt, and overall cause your skin to break out.

So, the biggest change I've made to my diet is cutting out the dairy.
Now everyone knows I'm a total tea lover, I have around 3 cups of tea a day which means having milk. And I always wondered if it was dairy that caused a further irritation to my acne? If not was the main cause of my acne? I had done research on cows milk and it's relation to acne, and it said that cows milk has extra hormones in it that we shouldn't have.. the milk is for baby cows.. not humans.

So, I have opted for a healthier alternative:

Soya milk!!
Now, not many people like Soya milk as they don't like the taste, or prefer regular milk. But I absolutely LOVE it, and I don't miss regular milk at all. I've been having soya milk in my tea now for a month, and I've noticed results already.

My skin isn't as red, I hardly break out anymore but when I do, the pimples go within 2 or 3 days and they are less painful.
I think I will have to wait much another month or so to see further results, but so far so good! :)

Notice how my forehead looks really clear? Yayyy :)

Okay well that is my story, and I hope it helps you or your friend or someone else :)
~ xoxo



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  2. I'd be so freaked out if one day I woke up and have acne all over my skin :s
    Of course, my skin is not perfect either, so tips of taking care of it are always useful! :)

    1. Yeah it was really bad how it all happened, but it's getting better now so it's okay :) Xx

  3. I'm also a tea lover, Ravi. :) Use makeup that is not oil-based to help avoid pimples. It's clearly labeled on the packaging, check it before purchasing. Well, there are some cosmetic brands that have products with has oil control capabilities which could be helpful, especially if you have a very oily skin.

    Chieko Brink

    1. Yeah I am using non-oily products haha! :) Thanks for the input :) xx

  4. It’s great that you pointed out the causes of acne. Aside from hormones and genetics, the causes of acne can be controlled. If you do it in a proper and consistent manner, then you have a better chance of getting rid of those unwanted blemishes. Also, remember not to substitute medication and other products to natural treatments.

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  5. hi;) even though my acne was as severe as yours, my acne story is quite similar ;) I managed to get rid of my acne thanks to good diet, appropriate skincare and my acne treatment. However, now after seven years I actually think that my acne to a large extent might have been caused by stress that affected my hormones

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  9. Choose cosmetics carefully, only use cosmetics that are oil free as they can make your adult acne worse.

  10. Hi hun came across your blog when googling so beauty products - I too have been suffering with adult acne for the past few years and was just wondering if you found cutting out dairy to be a big help? (I am also a tea addict!)

    1. Hey, yeah I've found that cutting out dairy (switching to Soya) has been a MASSIVE improvement to my skin. I don't have redness or tiny bumps or anything like that! Also, even having dairy in my tea (even if it's two tablespoons on my tea) a few times, my skin gets super oily and I get tiny little bumps!

      Try it, because I've found that dairy is a huge factor that contributes to my acne. I hope this helps you :) Acne is such a pain! haha xx

  11. Helloo, I found your blog after watching the BBC Two-How to have a clear skin video. All your tips really helped. I am 13 and have quite bad acne. I was wondering if you had any of your favourite home remedies eg. Face mask etc.

    Thank you xoxo

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