Sunday, 5 August 2012

I'm ADDICTED to Soap & Glory

But their products are just so brilliant!

And this isn't all...

I have a few more hiding away in my bathroom:
No Clogs Allowed - absolutely amazing for problematic skin; I always find that even days after using this product, my skin is less oily.
Peaches & Cream Cleanser - which smells sooo amazing, and I love it because it helps to hydrate my skin!

So... what products do I have here?

Fab Pore Cleanser;
Now if you're familiar with the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser, then this product is just about the same. 
You rub this product on your face (it helps to remove makeup and impurities) and then wipe it off with a hot and damp muslin cloth (that comes inside the box). And ta dah, your makeup is removed, excess dirt and oil is off and you feel like you have a new face!!
So this product has lasted me quite a long time, and I use this every now and then - just when my skin feels like it needs a good pamper, that normal facial masks can't do the trick.

And so, I've been raving about this product a lotttt and I told my mum to use it; and she absolutely loves it now. She was like, "Oh I used that mask that's in the bathroom, the one you were talking about the other day, it's amazing! My skin felt so soft!" 

I love the texture of this product, it's like a waxy/creamy texture and glides so soft onto your skin, and you can even massage your face with it. Just feels so relaxing and soft. Oh and, it smells delicious! 
Well.. that's an understatement. 

ALL Soap & Glory products smell heavenlyy.

Super Eyes;
Now, if you're the kind to suffer with dry under eyes - or during teh day you see that your under eye makeup has dried or enhancing your fine lines. Then this is the answer to your problems.

During winter of 2011, I was wearing makeup from 6:30am til say...7pm when I got home from university. And my skin became incredibly dry that I was even breaking out because of it. And I had to carry my makeup around with me so I can touch up my undereyes and any other trouble spots on my face. But there were days when my undereyes looked so dehydrated and dry, and my makeup didn't help - it just made it look worse!

And so, I came across this miracle in a white tub! (So lucky that these Soap & Glory products were all 3 for 2, so I ended up buying quite a lot of items from them... Ooops!).

But, I'm so glad I did! I opened the tub, a little disappointed though. As I was expecting an eye cream, instead of a gel. Well it doesn't really make a difference, because this is the best eyecream I've ever come across. It's so refreshing to apply, and the skin around my eyes feel so moisturised and supple afterwards, definitely a great product.

What I love about this product is that you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way and you will still get the same results! It has tiny silverish white specks that disappear once you're patted the gel in. I'm not really sure what they're for though haha!

You Won't Believe Your Eyes;
Unfortunately, this has been my least used product, as I'm not quite sure what the concept of it is.

I've tried it out a few times, yet I'm not happy with it. It's an eye cream in a squeezy tube, and once you squeeze the tube, cream will dispense around the metal pads and you roll it about your undereyes. And the idea behind it is that it helps to cool down tired eyes and help you to look more awake.

Now the reason I don't like this product is because the cream itself is blue-ish and shimmery. And I'm not quite sure why. I don't know if it's because it's targeted to those with a more reddish skin around the eye as opposed to my brown skin tone. So yeah... I've used it a couple times but I'm not really crazy about it.

Dr Spot;
I've used this gel a couple of times on my problematic Asian skin haha, and I've personally not found much of a difference with it. I've read tons of reviews on this product, both good and bad, and so I wanted to try it on myself. 

Now, I've had acne for around 6 years and it can get pretty bad at times. And I've been on different creams and even medicines, but I still have it and nothing really seems to work. So I decided to try this out. I can say that this product hasn't really helped either way. Maybe it's targeted to those who have minor acne or just the occasional pimple.

The smell of it is pretty.. weird. Haha! It just smells like the hand sanitiser gel but a bit more fruity I suppose? I don't know haha.

I'll try this product out again once more and do a more in-depth review of it :)

Fabu Lip Stick;
I saw these lipsticks and at the time, I only had a collection of rosy pink/reddish lipglosses. And so, I wanted a change. 
The lipsticks I chose were:
- Naked Beige
- Red My Lips

And these colours are really awesome for autumn and winter time (as I'd usually wear more pinkish colours during the summer). These shades really do suit tanned and olive tone complexions, as they look pretty natural when applied on me. So I think before you purchase these lipsticks, DO test it out :)

I remember when I first showed these lipsticks to my sister she was like, "Eh, they're a bit dark". But trust me, these colours may look dark just by the appearance of the bullet, but they're less pigmented when applied. I love how these lipsticks are very matte and look natural, and make you look a bit older haha. Or maybe that's just my opinion?

I always keep these lipsticks in my bag, as they're my favourite compared to others like Body Shop or Maybelline.

Sexy Mother Pucker in 'Candy Gloss';
So you're probably like, "Why did you get this? You already have big lips?!" And yeah, I know. But I just wanted to try out what lip plumpers were like. 

And this was the only shade I liked out of the collection, it's a dewy pink that just adds a hint of shimmery when you apply it on top of another lipcolour.

So I remember when I'd first tried this out, and I applied it not really expecting what to happen next. All of a sudden, my lips felt really tingly and hot... but it wasn't like uncomfortable though.. I don't really know how to explain the sensation but it was pretty weird, and I'm guessing it was just the ingredients in the lipgloss that causes that tingly feeling, causing the lips to swell.

Usually for lip plumpers, they use herbs like Cinnamon and other spices to help the lips swell... 

I didn't really use this lipgloss much, as the texture of it was incredibly sticky and I'm more of a 'dry lip product' type of girl. So yeah, I didn't like the sticky consistency.

Thick & Fast mascara;
OMG I LOVE THIS MASCARA! Seriously, the best mascara I have ever purchased. This does exactly what it says; makes your lashes thick, and it does it fast. You only need like 2 coats of this baby, and your lashes are thick and volumized without it looking clumpy. This has to be the best thing about it as I absolutely hate clumped up spider lashes!

The large brush creates volume and manages to get all of the small lashes too! 

I've tried tons of mascaras, and yeah, I'm a sucker for the whole Maybelline / L'Oreal false lash effect mascaras. Only to buy it, and find that the product inside has dried up after a month.

Nope, not this mascara. This still stays fresh and plentiful even after so many uses!! 

Felt-Tip Liner;
I love felt tip liners, as they are so handy to use and you just draw on your winged liner and you're done. And there is no need for like extra brushes or pencil sharpeners.

This felt tip liner is amazing, and I'm so embarrassed that I can't show you what the pen actually looks like as the writing has rubbed of it because I've carried this round in my bag so much! It's so easy to create thin and thick lines, which is a must for me as I absolutely hate liners that have a very thick tip!

The only weakness of this liner is that it's not water proof. Whether it's rubbed off because your eyelids are oily, or you've had to walk about in the rain, or you've been crying (aww poor you!) yeah the liner won't stay put.
I guess this is a weakness but also a strength, as it's super easy to remove off your lids before going to bed :)

Show Good Face primer & foundation;
I first saw this and decided to test it out with those little tester thingys in Boots, and I saw that this was super creamy and sheer and smoothed onto the back of my palm really well. And I bought it in the shade 'Naked in the shade'.

Now this shade, as you can tell, is pretty tan for me, but I had used this along with concealer and a lighter all-over powder and it looked fine :) This has to be one of my favourite foundations ever (and trust me, I've used a lottttt of foundations from different brands). One of the reasons why is because it helps to keep my skin dewy, but not oily. So my skin looks really hydrated and none of the dry patches on my forehead or chin would show. Especially during the winter season.

Also, this foundation just glides over the skin so smoothly and creates a very smooth and soft texture - and therefore is my go to foundation when my skin feels like crap. 

But obviously, I will have to choose a shade up from this one, as it really does look too tan for me haha.

Trick & Treatment Concealer;
This product claims that it well help to brighten up your undereyes... however... I'm not very keen on this product.

It's too light for me, and has a different consistency to other concealers that I've tried previously. It's very watery yet pasty, and once it's blended out, it does actually accentuate your problem areas. So if you have dry skin, don't apply this product over it.

It contains tiny shimmery pigments in it, and I guess this helps to reflect light off it, so the area will look brighter. But that's a risk I'm not really willing to take.

So for this product, I will only use on areas I'd like to highlight, such as my brow bone and along my cheekbones.

Kick Ass concealer;
This is my much preferred concealer of the two, haha! This little tub contains two different types of concealer and a white powder to help set the product.

On the back it says:
"A three piece camoflauge kit.
Step 1 - under eye brightening concealer
Step 2 -  superwear face concealer
Step 3 - concealer sealing powder"

Yet I tend to use just the Step 2 for both trouble spots and under eyes as it's a great match to my skin tone. The Step 1 concealer is a bit too bright and looks a little chalky, sadly. The white powder actually isn't too white, it's very fine powder and it does an excellent job of setting the concealer :)

I love how this is all fitted into one compact case, as it has everything you need for applying concealer! This baby is in my bag at all times, and is one of my most reached products!

Hope you liked this huge Soap & Glory review, I was thinking about doing them individually, but it;s best if all of the product reviews are all in one post :)

~ xoxo


  1. Wow Ravinder, you have a really informative and great post here, I wonder if it is because I also really love some of the Soap and Glory Products. I love their lipstick Perfect Day. It is a lush colour, and I also use their mascara. It is great, and I have the felt tip pen. However, I mainly use the Body Shop liquid eyeliner. I think I am definetly going to try out the under eye cream that comes out a little bit silvery :-)
    overall, great post. If you have a few minutes to spare, you may want to check out my latest post?

    1. Oooh I haven't seen that lipstick! I might go and check it out :) and I'll have a look at your post :) xx

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