Sunday, 19 August 2012


Hey everyone :)

I decided to make a list of some items and things I'd loveeee to get! (OR unless some kind person wants to buy me it.. haha you don't have to ;) it'd be nice! Okay I'll stop)
And I know I keep making lists and stuff but like.. it'd be cool to share things I'd like :D

1) Face products:

Vichy Dermablend - 
I've heard so many good reviews about this product, as it's highly pigmented and full of great coverage for problem areas like acne, scarring, uneven skintone, rosacea etc.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation - 
This product has been raved about by sooo many beauty bloggers, and they say that it's such a great foundation that includes a lot of healthy fruity minerals in it (apricot, ginger etc), and I really really really want to try it!

2) Clothes:

Leopard Print dress from H&M - 
This looks super cuteee! I'm not really a dressy person though but I'd like to start wearing them as wearing jeans all of the time can get boring.

Iron Fist 'Key To My Sole' shoes from New Look -
OMG. These are so hottttt! I love my high heels and I think these are definitely my kind of shoes, I love how they look pretty artistic but also quite understated too. 

3) Camera:
I would absolutely love an SLR camera, because I'm always the type to take photos at events or places I go. It's just one of those things that I love doing and would be really awesome for my blog and also for being the Lead Photographer for the student newspaper of Huddersfield University. Preferably, I'd want to buy a Canon, just because I know they're really awesome and never fail to amaze me. 

4) Sponsors:
I'm not really sure what sponsors I'd like, but preferably one for my acne and scarring. I know people tend to say that people who ask for sponsors are generally really shameful for asking, but I really do want something that can really work for my skin because I've tried tons of products and I've suffered from acne for almost 10 years now (jeez that sounds so long!)
And I've really come to the point where I want it to just go because I've dealt with it for so long, and I'm just a bit fed up and would really love to try something that will actually work. I'm using PanOxyl right now and I'm hoping this will work on my acne - but I will be left with the existing scarring so boo! :(

5) To keep up my motivation for this blog!
It can be a little stressful to post something new and different every single day, but I have tons of ideas written up already that cover a huge range of topics. And I really want my blog to be successful too haha, so I will be posting up a post every single dayyyy! (Hopefully!)

6) My skin to be super clear:
Just basically number 4. I want to have super clear skin so I don't have to wear as much makeup, and I don't have to photoshop my photos. It gets a little annoying when people think photoshopping my photo means I'm fake or I don't like my face, it's not at all that. I just like my complexion to look better for once.

7) To get over my shyness:
I know some of you reading this must think I'm really talkative or something, when really I'm incredibly shy. And I've always been quite shy, even through primary school and high school. I think it's only recently when I've been able to speak up a bit more. I really want to work on this moreee :D 

Take care :) ♥

~ xoxo

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