Friday, 31 August 2012

HOW TO: Photoshop Your Photos

Hey everyone :)

I know a lot of people dismiss the idea of photoshopping photos, because they think that it means being 'fake' or 'you don't like your face' etc. I've heard some incredibly ridiculous stuff why people are against it.

But... there's no harm in photoshopping that one awkward pimple out. Do you get what I mean?

So I've decided to create this short tutorial, describing things that I use to make my photos look a little better. I don't do anything too dramatic with my photos, and I've made this super easy for others to follow.

What you'll need:

Photoshop is so expensive to buy, but I'm lucky because my brothers got it and let me use it too :) But if you're a student, take advantage of Photoshop because most colleges and Universities WILL have it!

Lets go!

Take your original photo:
So as you can see, I have dry skin on my chin from using PanOxyl (grr! Great topical cream but hate how it turns your skin dry!)
And I have a pimple there. Yeah. It's not hard to miss!
So my mission, is to get rid of the pimple and so soften out the skin in that area. I'm not too fussed with how everything else looks.

Take this Spot Healing Brush.
This tool just helps to make everything within that circle, look like the area around it. So it will get rid of the pimple and make it look like the rest of my skin.

See how it's practically disappeared? But it still looks natural right?

Next, I'm going to do something about the dry skin.

I'm going to use the Blur tool! There are other methods of using Blur filters, but that's a liiiitle bit more complicated and I will cover that in another post. But for now, we will use this simple blur tool.
You can adjust the strength of this blur; considering a lot of (Asian) photo editors - not saying any names - tend to go overboard with the blur.
And they end up blurring a lot of areas like around the mouth, the nose, fine hairs. That's why I kinda prefer if I still had some imperfections on my skin because otherwise it'll look too.. dramatically photoshopped.

If you want to do the whole blurring face, make sure you leave the eyes, lashes, around the nose, chin, neck, lips (even the little cracks) a few fine lines, free of blurring!

And so, I've blurred it. A little bit.

Next, I'm just going to adjust the colour - increase the contrast.

So click on to Curves...

And this will come up. You can have a play around with the presets or whatever, or have a go at the graph itself and adjust the contrast to however you want. I always try and make an 'S' shape, because then you'll have a nice complimenting Brightness & Contrast going on :)

So as you can see, my skins a little bit lighter but my hair has become more intense, my eyes are a bit more dramatic in colour and the background is much more darker. I didn't want to do too much contrast as the darks were already pretty dark. So instead I made it brighter :)

Ta da! 

This is the final picture.
Not bad huh for just a few clicks on photoshop right?

I hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial as I will make another on other ways of editing photos on Photoshop :) If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment.
~ xoxo

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