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How To Make Gulab Jamun

Hey everyone :)

Go and ask any Asian what their favourite traditional dessert is? I can guarantee you that over 85%* of people will say, Gulab Jamun.

*statistics may not be accurate :P

What is Gulab Jamun? 
It's like a soft spongey ball that is coated in sugar... Yeah, I know, it's unhealthy. But hey, it's yummy!

Now if you're running on a tight schedule, but still want to make your own Gulab Jamuns with their amazing home-made taste rather than buying ones already made, you can use this:

You can purchase this (or a similar box with the same ingredients) at like an International foods store. And yes, the Gulab Jamuns turn out exactly like how they look on the box! :)

The box contains the method of how to make these, so don't throw it away!

So this box contains this large packet with the powder mixture inside.

On the box, it says to mix the mixture with water, however...

We used:

The same amount directed but using milk.

And... we had also added:

A table spoon of Semolina powder.
This is to give the Gulab Jamuns a really nice soft texture in the middle, much like a really soft sponge cake.

And then you add all of the dry ingredients together...

And add the milk... slowly. 

Just keep pouring small amounts of it an keep kneading the mixture as if you're making bread. You don't want the mixture too become entirely smooth though... it should still be a little bit sticky..

So it looks like this...

And you see how much milk is left? Yeah, you don't need to add the entire amount...just enough to make it this consistency

Now, it's time to make the Gulab Jamuns :D

Firstly, take a small drop of oil on your palm (this will help to stop the dough from sticking to your hand)

Take a small bit of the dough and start rolling it into a ball... like this:

Not too big.. not too small. Maybe a bit bigger than a grape. Keep in mind that these will get bigger once they've been fried, and then in the sugar syrup.
Also, this box said it can make 100 Gulab Jamuns, so do try and make the most out of the dough :)

These are all of our Gulab Jamuns made... So now, put on your fryer on a LOW heat... we want these Gulab Jamuns to cook slowly and thoroughly.

Whilst the fryer is getting hot, we can make the sugar syrup :)

Add 3 ups of sugar to 3 cups of water... and let it to boil :)

And depending on how much syrup you want, you can add more water... but make it equal to the 1:1 ratio :)

Letting the syrup boil... we want this to eventually thicken (but not too thick)

Frying thee Gulab Jamuns..

Keep moving them around, you want them to brown all over, and cook evenly )

First batch of Gulab Jamuns fried... notice how they've gotten bigger?

I took one to try ahaha...

The outside of it was quite crunchy and the inside was really soft :) This didn't really have a flavour, it was more savoury than sweet... But it was nice as the texture of it was sooo  nice haha!

Letting the water boil... we added like a drop of orange food colouring and some cardamom seeds (to add extra flavours). The food colouring is optional :)

And it got to this boiling point, and it was done so we turned it off. It was finally ready for the Gulab Jamuns :)

Take each one, and poke a hole using a cocktail stick. This just helps the Gulab Jamuns absorb the sugar syrup :) It's optional though haha. I just think it tastes better when you do this :)

Then drop them into the syrup...

And this is the final Gulab Jamun :) Notice how it is much bigger and fuller? Yeah, that's the syrup :)

Final product:

Gulab Jamun with a spoon of ice cream :) 
Mmmm yummyyy!

I hope you've liked this little tutorial / recipe thing and it has been of much use to you :)

~ xoxo

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