Thursday, 16 August 2012

How I'd Change Newspapers

Or online newspapers..

But before I tell you what I'd change, I'm going to first tell you how something gets selected as a news story:
- Bizzare / Weird / Different ; e.g a house made of cheese, a woman crushes things with her huge boobs, a cross bredd of a giraffe and a lizard wtf (is that even possible?!)
- Sexual ; e.g a man after a young woman and he does something bad to her. These stories are tragic, but they sell!
- Negative news ; Like a body has been found, or someone has stolen something, or there is war going on between a couple of countries (when is there not a war going on?!)
- Location ; If you are living in Leeds, you will most likely hear news that involves Leeds e.g an upcoming band that are from Leeds, or a person from Leeds who has gone missing. You are more likely to hear stories that come from the area around you, rather than a place 100 miles away.
- Celebrities ; Have you ever wondered why the Kardashians or The Only Way Is Essex people are always constantly in the news? Well, it's because they're elite people. And that Amy Childs' new shoes may have the upper hand of being selected as news, rather than a baby missing in Spain.
- Death / Tragedy ; Death will always always always be selected to be in a news paper or to be broadcasted on tv e.g the death of Michael Jackson. It was a tragedy! Nuff said.
- "If it bleeds, it leads" ; This is a phrase my lecturer loves to use, and it basically means that someone dying will be more or a leading story than 50 injured.
But.. that last one isn't really the point.

So, what exactly would I change about newspapers?

One thing I'd really like to change would be the racial equality. We all hear about terrorists, and so, it portrays such a negative image towards brown people in general. It doesn't matter what part of Asia or wherever you're from, you will get branded with the label of causing war and trouble.
Yeah, terrorism happens. But terrorism happens with other races too. Not just Asians. In fact, I'd call any type of 'person causing terror' terrorism, because that's what it is.
But, I've noticed that this has resulted in such a huge negative impact on how people view other races, and I know it's not the media's fault, after all, they're just working people who want to get paid. 
And also, I'd make sure that both good and bad gets published. People causing trouble, wars, death... But also the people that are actually achieving something in life.
I know it can be a little boring to read about someone who has won an Oscar, or someone starting a campaign against some sort of violence.

But it's only fair.

I don't always like to read about negative news, and I don't like reading about people who have got famous for... well nothing. 
I'd love to know more about those that have worked hard, and sacrificed things to get to the level they are. Whether they're on tv, upcoming musicians, spirtualists or just people with really awesome minds.

~ xoxo

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