Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Concealer Review ~

Hello everyone :)

Let me introduce you to the best concealer, ever.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge
I bought this in shade: Tan

Do you have dark under eyes? Or acne scarring? And you feel that regular drug store concealers don't do the trick of giving you a flawless complexion. But... you still want an exceptionally good product that has a high coverage without paying so much £££.

Look no further. This it the best product for you! :) 
I have the worst under eye circles as I'm an insomniac haha and I have a lot of acne scarring too. Yet, I couldn't the right product for me. I've used tons of concealers; from drug store brands Maybelline and Rimmel, to higher end products like MAC. But, I just couldn't afford splashing out on MAC concealer... especially as I'm not working and well... there isn't enough product in the tub compared to this concealer.

This is only available in America (sadly) but yay, you can find this on eBay though - which is where I had purchased it from after my sister had literally raved about it to me! Haha! She showed me the concealer (this was like a year ago) and demonstrated it on her under eyes, and I was like "OMG! I want it!"

And so, I bought it.

Now, this Glamoflauge concealer is actually like a tattoo concealer (much like the one Kat Von D had released too); and I'd tried it on a friends tattoo too, and wow, it covered it up! 

Now.. onto the best part about this product:
You get SO much of high quality concealer in this tube... and you don't even need that much. Trust me, even a pea sized amount would be way too much. A little goes a long way. 
I've had my concealer for over a year, and it's still half full :)

Let me show you:

Ewww gross under eyes ha.

Applying the product... see this shade is literally a perfect match :)

And my under eye circles has completely lightened up and there is no discoloration :) yayyy :)

And guess how much product I needed for both eyes?

So, if you're a lucky one and only needs to use concealer for under the eyes, this product will really last you a lifetime! :)

My only concern about this product is that it will show up as cakey on dry skin, so DO moisturise first. Or you will find that this product will really highlight your little bumps and lines and other skin textures! (Or apply a sort of primer or something :D)

Check out my sister's review on this product:

Have you tried this product before? If not, go try it out! :)

~ xoxo


  1. Oh wow this looks like a fab product! I'm currently using double wear concelear but it doesnt make a lot of difference! Pretty tempted to try this xx

    1. Yeah I deffo recommend you to try this! You'll love it :) xx


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