Wednesday, 22 August 2012

H&M Floral Dress

Hey everyone :)

I was watching one of JLovesMac1's YouTube videos where she talks about like clothes and outfits (it's one of her recent ones) and she shows this absolutely cute dress that she got on sale!!! And I managed to find it on the website, however it wasn't in store! But.... I did come across another dress... It looks so similar and I totally wanted it... but it was in Size 8.

Now I'm usuallu between an 8 and 10, but I've lost quite a bit of weight this summer yet I was still in two minds about getting the dress. So whilst I was shopping I was telling my boyfriend about it and he was like, "Oh I'm sure you'll be able to fit into it!" and plus it was reduced to £7 from £13 so I thought why not buy itttt :D haha.

And well....

I LOVE IT!!!! 

I look so moody in that picture haha. It's a cute strapless floral dress and it fits me perfectly!!!!

That's how it looks at the back..

Eeeek I'm not keen on my legs, need to work out.

But anyway, it wouoldn't be complete without my vain photos :P

Oh and my hair has faded to this lightish brown shade in less than a month of me dying it Dark Tulip.... what do you guys think of the colour now?

And do you like my dress? :)

~ xoxo


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  2. beautiful dress! you look so lovely in it :) x


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