Thursday, 9 August 2012

FINAL VERDICT: La Riche Directions Dark Tulip

Hello everyone :)

As you know, I dyed my hair on the 23rd of July with La Riche Directions dye in 'Dark Tulip' (read HERE) and now that it's been a while and I've washed my hair a couple times, I thought I'd do a final verdict review.

So when I had first dyed my hair... it looked a little like this:
And the colour was like a reddish - fuchsia - purple - pink! And it was so vibrant and beautiful despite being called 'Dark Tulip', it was most definitely vibrant and bright yet really pretty!

I remember when I had first dyed it, my mum said, "Oh that colour will fade after the first wash... it won't be pink anymore" and this really put me off. So I was a little afraid of washing my hair haha, but I did so anyway... and to my surprise.... my hair remained the same colour!

Oh by the way, if you do use this hair dye or any of the other by La Riche, your neckline of clothes and pillow case will stain a little bit, but don't worry as it will wash out! :)

So when I washed my hair the first time.. I noticed that there was still tons of colour that made my hair shampoo foam turn really bright pink (looked like the colourof candy floss!) and it also made my nails stain a pinkish colour...

They were originally white french manicure tips!! Although the colour will wash off the nails after a while :)

So after 2 washes, the colour looked like this:

And this was taken with flash, as to why the middle of the hair looks really shiny haha!
But yeah, the colour is still really bright and visible and looks shiny and healthyyy! :)

So after another 2 washes, this is how it looked:

As you can see the colour is still there but the intensity has faded a little bit! And it is fading so that the fuchsia streaks are turning a sort of light pink colour... which is no problem as it still looked really nice. I guess in different lighting, the colo9ur will look more intense or faded, but I am still very happy with this hair dye!!

I am happy that the colour is still really intense on my hair (well the parts that were bleached haha) and that it hasn't faded so quickly compared to the Schwarzkopf XXL Ultraviolet colour I tried a while ago!

More photos...
In the sun... it looks really pinkish!

How it is now...

You can definitely tell it has faded, and it's no longer very pink or reddish :( And the bleached colour is coming through on the ends..

Curly.. I quite like how it looks when it's curly. As you can see a really nice transition fo the colours.. the pinks, purples, reds, browns etc. 

I think the ombre sort of effect looks really pretty when hair is curly :)

LOVE this picture.. It shows Ihave all these different shades of pink, purple, violet, fuchsia going on in my hair!

So for now, I'm going to let it wash out for a maybe another 2 or 3 weeks and then finish of the hair dye (as I had used only half of the tub!) and then perhaps choose another colour? I may try streaks of different shades of purple/pink and see how that turns out maybe?

Anyway! Hope you liked this post :)
~ xoxo


  1. I love this ! I think it looks better now than it did in the beginning in a weird way it looks more natural when it's a bit faded.

    xoxo Gracie'

    1. Awww thanks! Yeah a few people have said it looks better now that it has faded, although I'm not too keen on it! :/ xx

  2. In my honest opinion I completely LOVE the way it looked towards the end after all the washing actually. And it just looks to die for when curled :)

  3. did you have to bleach your hair to get this colour?:)

  4. It looks super pretty! I just bought the same color today.I have about the same length as you had in the pictures.I really hope one can will be enough :(

  5. Personally, I liked the dark tulip color! Try the color with curly hair!


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