Friday, 17 August 2012

Everlasting Foundation

Hello everyone :)

Remember a while ago I posted about buying the Clarins foundation and face mask, and also received a few freebies too? (If not, check it out here

Well... I finally got round to reviewing the Everlasting Foundation!

 I love the design of this bottle! It's a sleek long glass bottle with a pump :) It looks super classy!

I went into Clarins and the lovely lady tried out this foundation on me, and my shade is '112 Amber'. I told her I wanted a foundation that will last on the skin through long hours but also provides enough coverage to hide my acne scarring.

She recommended this foundation! :)
And also a couple of other creams - Blemish Balm and a Pore Serum.

So this is my bare face... eek. Sorry to scare you guys.
But yeah, my skin isn't really red or inflamed, however I just have tons of scarring that will probably fade within the next year or two.

As you can see, this foundation has helped to cover up the scarring really well and even diminish the darkness of my under eye circles.

Ta dah!

I do admit that this shade is a little too light for me right now, as it is perfect during the winter when I was a tad bit paler haha.
I tend to use this foundation when I am off on a night out or a special occasion, simply because it was quite pricey and I will opt for my True Match foundation for daily use. The Clarins lady told me that this foundation will provide a heavy coverage, and it DOES! Yay! I really love how I can build up this foundation on areas I need more coverage too.
With this foundation, it's pretty creamy too, so I don't have to worry about the texture of my skin being exaggerated or any dry areas. However because it is a creamy consistency, I thought it would break me out as it might mess with the oil on my skin... but, it doesn't :)
This product helps to keep my skin hydrated but also break-out free!

So I usually set the foundation with my 2in1 base powder from The Body Shop, and then with my Sleek Luminous powder to give me a glowing appearance :)
~ xoxo

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