Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DIY False Lashes

I made a video tutorial on how to make your own False Lashes :)

Yes, I have to admit, I LOVE watching The Only Way Is Essex. I absolutely love that program, and I think all of the ladies are super pretty in their own ways! And after watching the episodes, I've been so intrigued on the girls makeup (especially Lucy Mecklenburgh as she's super pretty and my fave haha!) So, I've decided to look further into how they get their signature look. 
Other than their flawless faces, golden tans and their beautiful outfits... I wanted to try out something that all of the girls have in common (and that I could pull off as well)


Mario & Lucy - such a cute couple!

As you can see, she wears lashes and they make her eyes stand out, but also depending on the ones she wears, they look really natural too :) So pretty!

Now being the type to only wear lashes on special occasions such as parties and weddings etc, I do love the appearance that they give on the eyes. False lashes not only lengthen the appearance of your existing lashes, but they also make them look thicker, and help bring attention to your eyes.

So... I decided to create my own pair of false lahes (from existing lashes) but to look more dynamic and to make my eyes stand out... You'll see what I mean!

These lashes are basically ones that my sister had bought a while ago, they're Red Cherry lashes. And they're super thick and voluminous, and I tried them on... but... my eyes are pretty small and they literally looked too dramatic. I wanted something that was a more subtle but still drew attention to my eyes.

Remember these lashes I blogged about a while ago?

I have an extra pair of a different type of lashes.. and they're really inexpensive! Like £1 or £2 from eBay, all different styles and they come with 10 pairs. I have like a couple boxes of lashes in my room just waiting to be used haha!

So here is what I did:

So I used the lashes at the top as my base... and I had to see how the two lashes would look like together...

And it looks pretty messy... so I thought I'd cut it in half and glue it to the ends of the base lashes.

Like this..

But I'd wanted more volume in them, and cut up another lash in half, and applied it in the same area. And then like 1/4 of the original base lash type, on to the ends again. (To make the ends look really thick)

So I have like 3 layers of lashes on to the original base.

Ta daaaa!

Now this part is optional. I took a black gel liner (Maybelline) and started coating areas of the lashes where glue was visible. You don't have to do this but I did, as I knew it would save me time later when I apply them on. Also, the glue I used was from Soap & Glory and it dried in this eggshell shade, whereas usually I'd use a clear lash glue.

Comparing it to the Red Cherry lashes my sister bought...

You can see that the inner part of the eye won't have so much lashes, and then the outer lashes will look more dramatic.


So... how do they look? :)

Without... You can see my eyes look pretty small and although it looks natural, I don't really have anything that makes my eyes stand out!

You can really tell a difference, right? 

What do you guys think?

Try it out at home and experiment!! :D 

~ xoxo


  1. I love doing my lashes like that as well, makes all the difference! Especially in pictures.

    Check out my blog, if you'd like:

    I absolutely love your dedication for blogging.

    1. I know right!! And aww thank you :) xx

  2. You're certainly right about that, Rav. False eyelashes can have a dramatic effect on one's eyes. Actually, false eyelashes were invented in the early 1900s to create more emphasis to facial expressions ins silent movies. :) More importantly, they are inexpensive. Those false eyelashes look good on your eyes, by the way.

    Renae Hills


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