Monday, 20 August 2012

August Update

Eeeek, just a month and few days left until I start my second year of University... I'm really looking forward to going back to Huddersfield as I think Leeds has nothing to offer me to be honest. It's a lovely city and everything.. but it's not as exciting as Huddersfield.

So what have I been doing this summer exactly?

Well.. I've been constantly blogging, making more blog post ideas and also my book is slowly coming together. But I've felt so contained within the house, that I can't wait to start University again :D So I'm just making the most of this last month for working on my own prokects because I know I won't really have much time during the year.

Oh and I've also been travelling a lottt during end of May until now... Egypt, London, Wakefield, Meadowhall, London somemore, Doncaster, Cleethorpes. It's been really exciting to visit all of these different places because most of them I've never been before. So it's awesome! :)




And also.... the another main thing I'm looking forward to is.... FOOD. Yeah, I am actually craving going to a restaurant and ordering shit loads of yummy food. I've been hardly eating anything nice this summer, and food has actually become boring to me! :/ 
Can you believe it!? Ravi, what's wrong with you?! You're such a fat pig with your McDonalds! Hahaa

I plan on eating healthy this year though, and not go to any fast food restaurants. I will probably live off fruit and yummy chicken sandwiches and water and soya milk tea :) Haha! And hopefully I'll be able to keep my weight to 8st 10 (I know right! First time I've ever been in the 8st category!) - Oh I will be making like a tips and tricks post soon about shedding extra pounds :)

 Hopefully I'll be eating stuff like this all the time haha, we'll see how long this lasts!

Oh I've actually started to use PanOxyl 10% as a last resort for my acne, and it's been changing my skin like crazyyy!! It's just turned my skin absolutely dry but I've seen a difference so far in just 4 days. I will be keeping this up for the next three months and hopefully there will be a huge difference... I'm hoping it will get rid of my acne altogether (touch wood!) I will be posting about it every week or two, only when I see a massive difference haha. (A blog post about PanOxyl itself will be up here soon!)

Hope you all are enjoying your summer!!
I will probably write up posts about conquering those first day University jitters that I assume most (if not all) of you have right now haha!

Take care :)
~ xoxo


  1. the haaaair! so so nice! and i know what you mean about healthy food...i need to step my game up!! oh btw, do you have twitter? i've just joined up and in need of following some interesting people haha x

    1. Omgg thanks, it's like faded now to a blonde :/ Just getting used to this shade now. And yeahh I have got it, I use it every now and then so don't expect me to be all verbal diorrhea on there like most twats. @TheRaviOsahn :) What's yours?

    2. ahh my hair is turning blonde-y coz of the sun! hahaha i'll follw ya! mine is @zaineb_a, i dunno if i'm gonna get used to it too soon. feels weird tweeting to a minimal audience and everyone i've chosen to follow chats utter crap so i have already unfollowed tons of people haha! x


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