Friday, 10 August 2012

A couple random questions...

I was looking around on different blogs the other day, and came across one girls blog who had like a mini FAQ about her. I'm sorry I don't really remember her blog address! But I thought the idea of an FAQ thing was pretty cool so I decided to answer a lot of questions that I usually get asked, here :)

Let's gooooo!

1) What made you start blogging?
Erm, well I originally wanted to do YouTube videos but I'm so terrible speaking in front of a camera, and I usually would write out a script thing. But I thought blogging would be much better because I can just keep reeling off words and edit them etc. And I am much more comfortable with blogging :)

But also, with my Journalism course, my lecturers said it would be cool if we were to have a blog and just blog about different things (but I have a lot to say about different things haha so mine is mixed) and it's something I really enjoy :)

2) Who inspires you to write?
Other bloggers and writers...
Xiaxue, Cheesie, WilWheaton, Josh Radnor. I quite like the idea of travelling and writing (Cheesie), giving my opinions on different topics (Xiaxue / WilWheaton) and coming up with stories too (Josh Radnor).

3) What are 5 random songs that are most played on yout iTunes?
Jaymay - Rock Scissors Paper
Skrillex - Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
Nadia Ali  - Rapture (Avicii New Generation Radio Edit)
Marina & The Diamonds - Primadonna Girl
Lana Del Rey - Off To The Races

4) Do you like Indian food?
It depends what it is... most stuff I don't like. I don't usually like cooked vegetables (I don't know why, I don't even like them on pizzas) and a lot of Indian food is cooked vegetables infused with spices... and I absolutely dislike the smell of it. I don't know why. Never really liked it.. I don't mind chicken or kebabs, that sort of stuff. As for desserts, I like them... gulab jamun :) yummyy haha!
A lot of Indian food is pretty high in oil and cholesterol so it's not too good for you.

5) What do you listen to while you write/draw?
It depends what kind of mood I am in.. If I'm drawing to let out any negative emotions then I'd listen to like Linkin Park or Skrillex.. But if I'm in an okay-ish mood I'd like listen to Lana Del Rey. It's the same for writing too. I would usually start listening to an entire album and I'd be done by the end of it... maybe! Haha.

6) What do you think of cheese?
Omg I love cheese. But I'm trying to stay away from dairy products as it causes my skin to really break out. But otherwise I love cheese. I love really strong flavours haha.

7) When did you start drawing, and how did you get so good?
 Ahh one of my most asked questions! 
I started drawing since I could remember... it's the same with writing too. I'd always write stories and diaries and stuff, and I remember writing something when I was around 6 or 7... Basically my neighbours had an event and it was some Hindu festival thing and I wrote about it.. and I wrote this line, "I didn't understand what the priest was saying because he was speaking Indian". Hahahahaha
And I've always been an arts kinda person, like I was more into drawing faces and clothes rather than anything else. 
As for getting good at it, it all comes down to practice and just learning. It's not that hard to draw, you just have to put your concentration and time into it :)

8) What are your favourite blogs?

9) What do you do when you're not blogging?
Erm.. drawing, writing, checking my Facebook, eating, sleeping... watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory, taking photos of stuff.
I don't really do a lot.. haha.

10) Which country would you love to visit?
Thailand, Italy, New York. I can't really say which one I'd love to visit the most though haha.

11) What are 5 words to describe yourself?
Artistic, Opinionated, Quiet, Unconventional, blah.

12) What were you like in Highschool?
Jeez... I was generally really quiet.. up until Year 10/11 where I was more comfortable with who I was, and I actually knew what I wanted to do in life.

13) What do you think of the new Batman movie?
I thought it was pretty good, erm, although I wasn't keen on Anne Hathaway being Catwoman because I thought Halle Berry was a muchhh better suited for her. Halle Berry is just hot and like... more cat like. (She's a leo so yeah, can't blame her haha).

14) A favourite quote?
Too many people spend money they don't have, on things they don't need, to impress people they don't like ~ Will Smith

15) Coca-Cola or Pepsi?
Ermmm, I'm not really sure as I don't drink either that much... but I remember I'd usually prefer Pepsi because it was much sweeter.. I think! Haha. I usually just go for Coke Zero or Diet Pepsi.

16) Who means a lot to you?
There are a few people who mean a lot to me.. and over the past couple of years I've realised the ones I can properly trust and the ones who are just irrelevant to me.

17) Is there any advice for you to give to others?
Always be you, don't bother comparing yourself to others regardless if your family compare you to like... other family members or even comparing yourself to others that you think are 'more prettier'. 
Do what you have to do, say what you have to say regardless of what people think. 
Those that mind, don't matter and those who don't mind, matter. 
Also, people are going to talk regardless of whatever you choose to do, give them something to talk about ;) haha.

~ xoxo

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