Thursday, 5 July 2012

These were taken 2 years ago...

Hey guys :)

I was looking through some of my folders the other day, and I came across my sixth form prom photos - taken exactly two years ago! And.. I can't believe how much I have changed - my appearance, they way I act and also, the way that I think.

Now, sixth form prom isn't much of a big deal compared to the Year 11 prom, but still, it is a big occasion and is a little bit different as most people would go to a party afterwards (which I couldn't as I was still 17 then, pffft!)

Here are some photos I dug up :) 

 I love how my friends in the middle are posing, and the rest of us are just smiling... well.. and hugging haha!

 The woman on the left was my A2 Psychology teacher! Haha! Check out all her piercings and tattoos... 

My dress :)
I remember that my mum had bought this when she was in India, and came back to England literally a few days before my prom so I was a bit nervous as I didn't know if I would like it!
But I did :D 

But, as you can see, I have changed a lot! My hair is coloured, I've lost a lot of weight and I look older now too. Well... I hope I don't look too old now otherwise that won't be good!

~ xoxo

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