Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Photoshoot : Simply Beautiful You

Hey :)

Now I know most of you know that the girl behind Simply Beautiful You, is in fact, my sister :) 
But I'd like to keep this post as 'professional' as possible haha, so we'll see how long that lasts!

Basically, she's been wanting to have different people with different face shapes come and do modelling for her makeup, as she's always been doing makeup on herself. And luckily, because I look like an adopted sister (hahahah) she asked me to model for her.

We don't really look alike, right? hahah

Anyway she asked me what colours I'd like her to use, and I said 'pink' :D and not because Pink is my favourite colour (hell no!); but because... well.. people say pink suits me? :S 

So yeah :) enough of the writing, and on to the photos :)

Tons of makeup! She uses all sorts; MAC, Sleek, NYX, Coastal Scents, Sacha, Kryolan, VIPERA, Urban Decay... so much! Haha! 

Getting my hair did :D

And the final look....

What do you think??

Anyway, DO check out her YouTube videos here and if you're within the Yorkshire region and interested in modelling for her, please contact her :) or find her on Facebook under : Simply Beautiful You (a group/page should pop up!) :D She'll be happy to have more models! :)

Now, my favourite part. 
Taking a shit load of photos of me and editing them hahahaa :D

Hahaha I'd post more but eh, you'd be like "When is this girl going to give it a rest, no one wants to look at her!"

Sorry :'(

Anyway, I hope you've enjoyed this post! :)

~ Xoxo


  1. looks fun!

  2. Nice blogging.. glad to visit your blog. we can follow each other?

  3. I did comment on this yesterday I swear! hahaa. You look gorgeous! your sister is really talented! I love you make-up, hair, outfit, everything! stunning :) xxx


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