Tuesday, 17 July 2012

My London Weekend :)

Hello everyone :)

Hope you're all well and had a great weekend :)

What did I do for my weekend? Well, I went to London! Yay!
Now, I know for most of you, going to London will be either exciting or scary; yet for me, it;s my second home. Well... literally. As I have been going there every since I could remember two or three times a year (well not this past year as I've been busy with Univeristy) but yeah, as my cousins live there :)

So, this will not be a 'tourist-y' sort of post; but more of a 'getting away and enjoying a break' sort of post :)

Now, first things first; I have to introduce you to my cousins parrot, Georgie :D
He is an African Grey parrot :) Yeah, he looks really cute, but he likes to bite, tip over cups and poop on the carpet. But... everyones so used to him and he really scares me eeek! And he knows I'm scared of him and when I try to walk past him as he's strutting his stuff on the floor, I think he's secretly planning to bite me ha!

Nonetheless, he is really smart and can talk, whistle... and make random cat noises? Although, he is really close to my cousins family, as he often says their names (yeah, he can!) and is familiar to them. Just how Nemo is really familiar to my family :)

Eeek! Look at his big claws!

Now, the next animal I want to introduce you to is Vinny (or Vinnie); and he is my cousins relative's pet Pomeranian.

Look how cuteeeeeeee he is!!!!! :D
I've always wanted to see a Pomeranian up close and play with it because they look so cute and fluffy! Vinny is proper fluffy and huge too; and looks so cuddly! :D

Nawwwww, playing with his little dog toy!

He looks so happy :') haha!!
Okay, enough with the animal pictures :P 

On Saturday I went shopping, and bought some skincare stuff and my vest from Primark:

A Taiwanese brand of Bamboo Salt paste that helps for acne. This stuff is amazing! It does have a weird smell and tingles sometimes once it's applied, but it really does work! - £4

VOV Eyeliner - which literally lasts allllll day! I love this tuff! And it's only £2 :D

That top :) New York vest fron Primark - £3

And I had also bought a Peach Iced Tea from Costa :)
Later on, we went to the cinema to watch 'Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World'; and to be honest, it wasn't really all that amazing, but it did inspire me to write up a post: here :)

But... man was that cinema busyyyy!

This was the ceiling mirror thingy; you can't see me but you can see that the place was so full....of Asians! Yep, we went to Cineworld. They play Indian movies there too so that's why! And... they DON'T GIVE STUDENT DISCOUNT!!!! Fffsssss! I had to pay £10 for my ticket :(

Dinner that night...

Bacon Double Cheeseburger (which was King of the day surprisingly :D £1.99)

The next day, we went to this garden place... and we got lost on the way there like 5 times hahahah

Pretty flowers :)

On this comfy hammock thingy :D

My expert photography yeahhh B-) hahahah

Isn't this just the most prettiest flower ever?! It looks so good I could eat it hahah :P And I love that shade of pink! :D

Okay; now onto the most awkwardly funny and embarassing photo...?

Well, we came across these garden statues and just casually looking...


 Looking some more...


Omg! Whyyyy why why, would anyone have this in their garden?! 

Okay, and then we came across all of these bath stuff; it looked so good!!!

Bath bombs I think!


 They look like cupcakes!!! What! I don't even knowww!

I bet they're as good as they look! :)

So, last but not least... Georgie; he was doing some weird biting, leg thing...

So, that was my weekend! Hope you've enjoyed this post :)

~ xoxo


  1. loved this! and i love yet hate London (guess its a bit bias since i live here). where did you get that salt paste from? seems intriguing xx

    1. Hahah I know what you mean! People always say they love LEeds, and I'm like "eurghh I hate it!" haha! And the salt paste is from a Slough highstreet shop... ermmm, I just know that it's ran by freshies and they have loads of Indian jewellery there too. Not like that will help haah!
      But I know like Indian shops tend to have this sort of stuff, so maybe you can find it there?
      I will do a proper review on it soon as I have the shittest skin ever, it's already improved dramatically! :D


    2. ahh dw love, i'll pop into any ethnic shop i find and hope to find it haha. look forward to the review (although im sold already!) xx

    3. Hahah yeah just do that! You'll bound to find it :) xx

  2. amazing post i'm n.79 follower follow my blog?


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