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My Date With Louise, The Clairvoyant

 [[Yeah, this is exactly what happened when I met the clairvoyant, Louise, for the first time and had my reading. Just read it. And if you want to hurl skeptical criticism about how clairvoyants are 'bullshitters'; then tell someone who cares. Okay? :)]]

"You have trouble sleeping at night, and it's been going on for almost six months". Wait. Can you actually tell that I don't sleep until around 4am? Ugh.. I thought I applied enough concealer to my under eyes.

This was a rather unusual thing to tell me as I first sat down on the leather sofa. Louise, the clairvoyant, had travelled from Newcastle to Leeds, to give me (and a few others) a spiritual reading. I felt anxious the whole morning prior to meeting her. I didn't know what she was going to tell me.. Tons of things ran through my head.
Is she going to say something bad? 
Will she tell me I will be unsuccessful? 
Is something going to happen to someone close to me?

Actually clairvoyants, or anyone spiritual of that matter, cannot tell you anything negative. They're not supposed to. So, I felt a little bit comfortable knowing that she won't spit out anything about me having a really bad issues in the next couple years haha.

"Yeah... I don't really sleep until 4am", I replied, and not really giving her anymore information. I always hear about these 'psychics' that make you blab on, and basically repeat everything you've just said.
"I know this is silly, but I'm getting the vibe that you need to rearrange your room. Move your bed to a different position... it should help".

What? Really? I didn't know that feng shui had some sort of impact to my sleeping routine? I guess I will have to sort out some sleeping arrangement, or sleep in another room and see if it helps.

But wait. What was that? "Your bed... I feel.. Is on this side of the house", she said, pointing in the direction of my room. Eh, how does she know? And your bed is on this side, and your window is sort of next to it... and you have come sort of dresser or drawers opposite your bed".


"Yeah, I have a large cupboard and drawers opposite my bed", I said... But, how does she know that? She's never even seen my room?

"You like to write a lot, don't you?" asked Lousie, while she was rolling a green marble piece in her hand. Maybe that marble rock helps her concentrate?

"Yeah I do, I have a few books I write in", I said.

"And you've also got a diary that no one knows about. It's like your little place to vent out your thoughts and feelings when you can't communicate to others", she said.

What?! How does she know about that book? No one, and I mean, NO ONE knows about that book.
It's not just the fact that it's a super secret book... but the fact that I write about things that I feel so strongly about, in that book...where I vent out my anger and.. Yeah, you get it.

 "Yeah, I do, I have a sort of book like that.. no one really knows that I've got it".

"I'm also picking up something.. about another book.", she said, making a sort of writing motion on her palm. "You're thinking about writing a book.. you've already written a few bits of it. But you need to get on with it as it will be really successful".

Wow, not even my family know I want to write a book.

"You plan on writing about ___(I can't reveal my subject haha)____ and it will do really well because it relates to you so much, and the way in which you're going to write it", Louise elaborated.

What. The. Fuck. How does she know exactly what I want to write about? When... I haven't even told anyone... ever. I haven't even wrote about it in my diary. And yeah, that is how I'm going to write it.. and I've wrote parts of it. But I'm hesitant about writing it all fully.. as I don't really know how others will react when they read it.

"You need to write it. I think you can get it done over the summer... Get it done and send it off to a publisher. It will do really well".

Well, I guess I know what I'm doing this summer haha.

"There's somewhere else where you write too.." she sort of asked. I didn't know if this was a question or a statement.

"Yeah, I have an online blog where I write about a lot of random things", I explained. I wasn't quite sure if she knew what a blog was, or how much I take mine seriously haha.

"You often hold back from writing certain things...".

Yes. Even though it may not seem like it. There's a lot of things I'd love to write about, but I take into consideration what others will say. Not that I don't want to upset anyone.... But the fact that I'm sick of a lot of narrow minded criticism from certain people.

"You have to write them anyway. You've wrote about certain things before, and it's been very popular and you have a lot of people that are supportive of what you do. You need to keep writing and don't hold back." she said, smiling.

Yay, at least I know what to do with my blog now.

"But.. you're often too hard on yourself. And you blame yourself a lot for things you've done".
And at this point, I was kinda starting to cry. Well... I kinda cried through the whole meeting, eeek! But, it was sort of.. a way of getting help too.

"You need to stop being so hard on yourself, and give yourself more credit. You're really talented but you don't see it".

Which, I don't. I never consider myself as really good at anything. Despite when people say, "Oh your blog is really good!". Nah, there are other blogs that are better. "Your artwork is amazing!" Nah, I've seen other artists that are better.
It's not that I'm actually wanting people to compliment further... but the fact that I just genuinely don't think the stuff I write/draw is actually good. There's been so many times where I've been asked to draw something for someone, and I've thought about it and hestitated, and thought, "Nah, someone else better can do it"... Which obviously isn't the best way to think about it haha!

"I'm seeing some unusual art work.. like.. with dark colours" she said, closing her eyes and concentrating.

"Yeah, I do art work...?" I said, but I was unsure of what kind of art she was talking about.

"With dark pencils?" she asked.

I nodded and smiled... "Yeah drawings".

"I'm getting the thought that they're really good... and you've only just started it again around 2 months ago". Which is true, as I drew Lana Del Rey at the very end of May.

"Yeah, I used to draw a lot during college, so around 2 years ago. But then I stopped and only just got back into it", I explained.

"Can I see your work?" she asked.
Haha, what? I ran off to the next room to grab my sketch book and brought it to her. She flicked through my drawings and said, "wow, these are absolutely amazing. You're very talented".

Ohhh pshhht, stop it :3

While she was looking at my art work, she stopped and said "You need to draw more famous celebrities... like Angelina Jolie (which Louise kept repeating to me later on in the conversation) and someone will pick  you up on your art work. Within the next few weeks, someone will spot you".

Wow, really? I mean, I've already been asked to lend my creativity for certain projects, but could she be talking about a breakthrough? Hmm....

"Do it. Do your celebrity drawings, and write your book. You need to do it, because both of these will be really successful!" said Louise, smiling and everything. Haha.

I guess that is the reason why I'm writing all this post up... she's encouraged me to write more and not hold back.. and I could easily think: "Ohh, what about those people who don't believe in Claivoyants and psychic abilities, they're going to make really shitty remarks."
Who cares?

"About your studying... you feel like you're bored with it, almost like it's not really what you want to do in life..?" she asked.

"Yeah, I'm studying Journalism.. and going into my second year" I explained.

"Stick at it. Even though you're bored of it. You'll do really well, and it will help you get your foot in the door and open up new doors for you".
Which is kind of what I've already decided to do. It's not that I don't like my degree, in fact, I do enjoy it... but I'm not sure if I can really see myself doing it. But I'm glad that she's sort of advised me on what to do, despite the fact I already knew.

It's almost like some sort of reassurance and encouragement to take the right step... and I'm so happy that I had this talk with Louise :)

Moving on from the subject of my career... she began to elaborate more on my personal life, how I see myself and those around me... which was quite an emotional talk.

And sorry to cut this post off (I know you were enjoying reading about my conversation :P) but there are somethings we talked about that I don't really want to put on public display... Sorry :)

I hope you've enjoyed this post... as everything mentioned here is absolutely true and this has to be the best meeting/talk I've had.... especially as she talked to me about my book and blog and art haha.
Way better than career advisers haha!

~ xoxo

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