Monday, 16 July 2012

Makeup Palettes, Choc-Chip Cookies & Weightloss ~

Lately I've been feeling really lazy, and unmotivated to do anything... and sadly, this includes blogging too :(
But I decided to have some time out and treat myself to some unhealthy food, good TV shows (How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory) and just relaxxx :)

I bought tons of chocolate chip cookies to go with my copious amounts of Yorkshire tea mmmm! And also I helped my sister out with colours for her makeup tutorial...

This is the look she came up with:

So pretty, righttt?!

Check out her YouTube videos: @simplybeautifulyou :)
(scroll down to see more of the makeup palettes!)

Back to the cookies, I know you're dying for those pictures of chocolatey goodness hahahah

Oh god! I think each cookie had around 100 calories, and I ate around half of each of the boxes :/ Oooops!
But... I hardly ever do this, so I guess it's okay?

Don't worry, I'm starting the detox tomorrow :P it's fine!!

Nonetheless, I've noticed I've lost a bit of weight and my jawline is more... straight? Haha! Well, my face is less chubby, that's what I mean.

Can you see it too?!

I LOVE that top I'm wearing :) haha, but only problem is that it's a VERY loose Size 10; and always slips off my shoulders now! And the shop I had bought it from has closed down now. Nonetheless, it's still my favourite top :)

As for the makeup that is also shown in the cookies pics, is a large range of VIPERA eyeshadows, and MAC eyeshadows... Take a look :)

Top palette: MAC eyeshadows
Bottom palette: VIPERA eyeshadows - my sister bought these from this VIPERA stall in Leeds city centre; she made friends with the lady and found out these are a Polish brand and are pretty exclusive!
Their makeup range is really great for it's price!

 See, they're super vibrant and pigmented!

I tried rubbing it off my fingers onto the back of my hand, and it would STILL remain on my fingers! How awesome is that?!

I hope you've all had a great day / week!
Be happy, stay happy :)

~ xoxo

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  1. Thanks for leaving a wonderful comment on my about me page on my blog ^^ Haha we're both Leo's YAY!!

    l love choco chip cookies!! And oooo the eyeshadows looks very colourful ^^ pretty ^^

    Also your top is cute ^^ baggy look looks cute on girls ^^

    Love from Emi


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