Friday, 13 July 2012

Leaving it all until the day before the end

I went to watch Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World, which is basically about 2012 and how people are reacting to knowing that the 'end' is coming closer.

And personally, I don't believe the world is going to actually end, but I was touched by this movie so much that I had to write this post about it! (My sister and cousins said this movie wasn't really all that) but, I have my reasons as to why I loved it.

So, in the movie, the main guy (Dodge)'s friend ends up having a party and all of these guests come dressed up fancy.
One girl, who wants to just bacially get laid with anyone, says to Dodge: "I'm wearing all of these clothes that I've not worn before". And so, she looks like an almost slutty version of Audrey Hepburn.
What struck in my mind was the fact that this woman decided to wear these clothes, that she normally wouldn't wear, but decided to as the world was coming to an 'end'. And it's pretty sad. Why does it take the 'end of the world', to actually make a move and do things you normally wouldn't? Hmm?

Anyway, at this party, the guests are around a table discussing what their plans are for the remaining days. One girl said: "I'm going to visit my step dad and tell him to 'fuck off' then we are going to go skiing".
Why does it take the 'end of the world' for her to make that move and tell her step dad to 'fuck off'.
What is it about the 'end of the world' that makes people want to do things they normally wouldn't, and actually do something new and different?

Isn't that what life really is about? Different experiences, saying how you feel and what you mean, and living life like each day is your last?

Now, the end of the movie almost made me cry. So Dodge and his girl are lying on the bed and he's like "oh, you're the love of my life" blah blah "I just wanna lay here with you". And I know I don't give the dialogue much justice hahah but seriously the scene touched me. The couple were laying there talking, looking into eachothers eyes and waiting for the end.

It made me sad because it'd be something I'd like to do... Well... I don't believe the world is going to 'end'.
But the whole thing of laying down for ages and talking to your partner and just that entire moment (which is so beautiful in itself) is one of my favourite things in life. And it's something I'd love to do, regardless what day it is. Why leave something so priceless as that, til minutes before the 'end'?

If you don't get my message already, I'm trying to put across that regardless what day it is; you should take advantage of it. Do new things, do things you've always wanted to do, things you've always dreamed of.. Spend time with those you really care about, tell them you love them. Just don't wait until the 'day before'.

~ xoxo

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