Thursday, 5 July 2012

July Update :)

Hey everyone ~

I know I am a little late on introducing July... oops! But I wanted to make a little update on whats been going on in my life and things to come :)

June was an awesome month, I managed to get tons of new followers on here (love you all :D) and thousands of views too! I started my YouTube videos again and gained major exposure especially in Asia :) thank youuuu. I also got my University first year grades back and I passed!!! It was an awesome month and now comes July 

What do I want for July? 
I hope to improve as a blogger - I want to post more content that will attract new visitors and hopefully they will like it :) no one likes reading a boring blog haha. And also make more of an effort with the kind of things I post... I will try and post more photos, and write more lengthy (but interesting) posts :D

I want awesome weather.... Just letting you know, it never rains on my birthday. And that's a fact. So I'd love to celebrate my birthday with those I love, in amazing hot weather.... But lately it's been pissing it down and thundering and all sorts! Let's hope that it gets better :)

A great end to my teenage years, and a great start to my 20's.
I've realised the things that I want to do in life will take a lot of time and effort, but, I'm at the perfect age to do it all. And I have everyone and everything I need to help me do it, all the support, material things... now it's just for me to actually do it.

Hopefully, July will have a lot of things in store for me :) well... I hope 2012 has a lot of things in store for me.... wait... I hope life in general, has a lot of things in store for me! Haha! 

Here's to a good life! :)

~ xoxo

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