Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It's my 20th birthday already?!


And to celebrate (blogging style) I decided to write up this post that includes tons of photos from when I was growing up, and basically random and interesting things from my life :)
& I think it's a good time to reflect back on the past 20 years of being Ravinder Osahn... Don't actually know why I wrote my name. Oh well haha..

0-3 years old:
Skipping this part, as I don't remember anything haha. Erm... I had a lot of stuffed animals (some that I still have :D) but I don't recall anything else. 

Check out this photo of one of me and my friend Rakhee at our babysitters haha! I uploaded this the other day and she was like "Awwwwww!"

(I don't know how to rotate photos...) But this is my mum and me... I don't know when or where this was taken :$ haha!

Primary Schoool:
I don't really remember much of Primary school either.... but I do know that one of the friends I made when I first started school, I remained friends with her til we left for high school. It's pretty weird, I haven't heard from her since.
I was a bit of a goody two shoes, like I was really polite and got my work done and whatever. And I was really interested in animals, writing stories (haha all my teachers said I had a good imagination, just that I never talked in class). I was always a quiet person and I didn't really put my hand up even if I knew the answer. Oh well.
One of my favourite teachers was when I was in Year 4, and the teacher was this Indian woman (I think I now have some verrryyyy distant relation to her :S) but she was really lovely and she always told me I'm good at writing and poetry... so I guess that made me want to go further into my creative side.
Erm... sex education classes were really awkward. No futher comment about this.

High School:
Erm, High school was one of the shittest but best experiences I've had. Year 7, 8, 9 were the awkward years where I just wished I was someone else who was more 'cool' I suppose, like some people in my class. But those 'cool' people are now doing jack shit with their life. If I knew that was the outcome of their lives back then, then I obviously would've just concentrated on my own life and didn't listen to what they said.
Year 10 & 11 were awesome, as I was more comfortable with myself and I had really awesome friends :) and I guess those were the years were I knew more of what I wanted to do in life - Draw & Write :)

My Year 11 photo... Eeek! Haha look at my hair! :O 

I remember I had dyed it so much during high school (and now) that I've forgotten how I look with my natural hair colour :P

I think this was from the Christmas during Year 11; me and my cousin's relative Jaypreet :)
As you can see, I was waaay more chubbier there than I am now haha! Jeez!

I think I took this during the summer before I started Year 12 :)

Also, during Year 8, we bought Nemo! :)

Sixth Form:
So sixth form was only two years, but a lot happened.
I was in my first sort of proper relationship for two years, it was cool but I guess back then, I didn't really know what was going to happen and truthfully I just wanted to focus on my own life and getting the most out of it.
During the first week of my second year, the worst thing had happened. One of my friends Diane, had died in a car accident, and it really shocked everyone. Because she was so clever, awesome and unique, a lot of people were affected in some way or another. For me, it resulted into a breakdown I had in an Art class. I just remember my teacher telling me that my work was "appauling" and to be honest, that was the last thing that I'd wanted to hear after knowing about my friend. 

Me & Diane at Leeds Met higher education fair in Year 12 :)
But then I guess things slowly started to sink in, and I'd accepted that she had gone, and obviously improved all my Art work. So yeah.

Year 13 Prom

During Year 12 :)

It was Lily's birthday that dayyyy; Me & Ebun here :)

Lily & I :)

My little cousin Kiran, Me & my sisterrr

Me & my brother :)

Me & my cousin at my brothers wedding

From my brothers wedding

And again :)

So... My bitch of a sixth form head teacher messed up my University application, therefore resulting in me taking a gap year.

To do what?

A few things, I learned a few languages, did more art work, realised what I truly wanted to do. I think the year out of education, helped me to realise what I wanted to do... And, well, I changed :)

A lot of people say I look very different compared to how I was in High school... and looking back at these photos, I can say I agree myself!

So, I had ended up applying to study Journalism at Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds Trinity & All Saints, Lancashire Univeristy and Hudderefield University, which I had all unconditional offers for - yet I don't understand why they would pick me haha! I'm so thankful that they did!!! But... I chose Huddersfield University as... something aboout it seemed excitinggg :D
And I think the fact that I would be travelling and going on new experiences really excited me! I'm so glad I made the decision of accepting that offer :)

Huddersfield University:
I first went to Huddersfield University with my friend Lauren who, by a miracle, I found on The Student Rooms (yeah it's pretty risky all of that internet business) but we maanged to check out the University together - as I hadn't even been... ever! And obviously, the year had started and well... a lot of things have happened over the year! And also, my amazing boyfriend :) :)
I guess one of the main things that has struck me about my degree, is that I kinda need to make my own way up to the top in order to get a decent job. So, this is why I'm very very very strict about my blog, and that I feel the need to post everyday with something new and exciting :D haha! 
To be honest, this year has been full of ups and downs which have made me realise what I really want and how much I am willing to work hard for it.

The University canal during the winter nights

Hudds Uni train station..


This was taken before an Indian party in December :)

During February :)

During end of March / early April

Anyway, I am very happy and thankful for the many experiences that I have had during the past 20 years :O wow! I feel so old haha! And I hope to continue having big experiences and a happy life :)

I hope you've enjoyed looking through this post :)

~ Xoxo


  1. happy birthday! hope you have plenty more eventful years to look back on and be happy with your changes :) welcome to being 20! xx

    1. Awww thank you so much Zaineb!! :) xx

  2. Hi Ravinder
    Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lovely time, oh my favourite pictures, are the one with your cat on your laps, where you are wearing a dress/skirt (not sure). such an adorable pic. I also love the heart shaped chocolate, that's beautiful. Your mums outfit looks classic, I could use that for a nice little top or to make a sleevless short dress.

    Oh well, happy 20 years :-)


    1. Aww thank you very much Jatinda :) Yepp it was a dress haha :) Aww thanks!! xxx


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