Tuesday, 31 July 2012

I don't really get the hype about the Olympics...

I'm sorry! Sorry for being unpatriotic knowing that the country I'm living in is hosting the 2012 Olympics.
But it's not that.
I'm just generally not a sports watching person, like I get bored watching F1 races or football matches. And I don't really understand the hype about the Olympics to begin with.

Yeah, if you like watching races then that's fine, and if you like sports in general then thats great. By all means watch it.

But I don't understand why people are only watching it because... well England is hosting it. Or the fact that everyone else seems to be watching it so they feel the need to watch it too. It's funny to know, now that the Olympics has actually started, the interest in Olympics will be high.. and then there will be lack of interest until the actual end of the Olympics.

I think I'd actually watch it if I knew someone that was in it; and I could watch their races because it'll be interesting.. otherwise I don't know how people can watch each and every single race.

Anyway I found this incredibly hilarious meme... hahah we're probably the only country where the Queen is a meme:


But anyway, I think people need to calm down a little bit with being patriotic; like it's cool you support Great Britain.. but it's getting a bit carried away when you're wearing like Union Jack tops and painting it on your nails or wearing the colours for your makeup... everyday. And tweeting about watching all of the Olympic races... everyday.

Oh, but, the Paralympics do look pretty badass though, and I'd watch that.. Just because they're pretty inspiring :)

Well, Olympics is only on for another week or two and thats it... so I'll be happy when people calm down with the Union Jack errrrwhere.
And to those saying, "Oh I'm so proud to be a part of history!"... Erm, unless you're actually participating in the Olympics, you're not really a part of it.
You're just a part of the audience
It's like me saying, "OMG I watched the Season Finale of Desperate Housewives, I'm a part of history!"
Not really, love.

Oh and.... I think it's a bit cruel to say: "People who don't like the Olympics need to be shot"... Yeah I read someone tweet that. If someone doesn't like something, doesn't really give you the right to declare death on them. 
That shit is fucked up.


~ xoxo

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