Monday, 30 July 2012

Garnier Self-Heating Sauna Mask Review

I came across this mask a few months ago when I was looking for a quick mask to help sort out my skin as it broke out really badly.And so, I had searched in Bodycare - which is so awesome for getting beauty products cheaper than who they are in Boots or Superdrug!
And so, I purchased this for £2, and this comes as 2 sachets, so it's a great weekly pick me up!

I was intrigued by this mask though, as it's a self heating sauna mask. Now, I'm familiar with self-heating products as I have Soap & Glory's No Clogs Allowed mask, and also Body Shop's Seaweed mask. And I saw that this had White Clay and Zinc - absolutely perfect for drawing out skin impurities and excess oils.

And so, I decided to try out this baby!

The ingredients...

Its like a pale blue mask, and once it is applied, you can feel instant heat on your face and on your finger tips too haha! The amount of product in these sachets is definitely a lot to cover the entire face, and you may be even left with extra product. But I apply more over my bad problem areas.

So I left this mask on for 15 minutes - and it doesnt become really hard or anything and you are still able to move your face haha! 
When I washed off the mask, it felt really really warm on my finger tips haha! And it does take a lot of washing to remove this off your face.
My only problem with washing it off, is that it doesnt really balance out the skin - so whilst my oily skin was normal, my normal skin became a little bit dry..

So the mask claims that it leaves the skin shine-free, and remains clean and purified for 7 days. I wasn't able to agree with this though. Yeah, my skin did feel purified and refreshed - which is a great feeling as I hate when my skin feels greasy through the day.
But my skin didn't remain with this clean feeling for 7 days... more like 3 days. I don't know if it's because my skin is oily to begin with, but it didn't really help with controling the oil and shine.

I do like this mask however, as it's a great product to help my skin from all of the dirt and impurities; and it makes my skin feel really fresh :D

And I have purchased this mulitple times now haha as I do think it works really well! :) 

~ xoxo

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  1. Hih..sauna-mask :P
    I go to a real sauna, used to go two times a week, but now trying to have time to go even once a week. It's really relaxing and skin feels really good after it. ^^


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