Friday, 6 July 2012

Friday Favourite: XiaXue's blog post about The Secret

H e l l o..

You might have been wondering why I have been posting a lot lately about being happy, happiness in general and having gratitude for life. Well... let me enlighten you about The Secret.

The Secret; have you heard about the book or movie? Have you read or watched it? If you haven't, don't worry! XiaXue has written up a lotttttt about it, and seriously I can't thank her enough for writing about it.

Check out the post here

But for those of you who are feeling a bit lazy to read, I will just give share with you the main parts!

"- Thoughts become things... Whatever you dwell on will manifest into real life events, be it good or bad.

- Law of attraction states that when you think of good things, good things come to you. Dwell on the bad, depressing or keep giving out negative energy, bad things will happen to you.

- You can attract into your life EVERYTHING you have dreamed of if you use The Secret, and use it well."

Now, this might sound like some sort of magic or gimmicky stuff, but seriously, do READ her post. She will tell you the ways in which is has influenced her life... and it truly is amazing and I think we can all learn from The Secret and ultimately, change our views on the world.

So, how does this whole 'law of attraction' work?

"You start by asking.

You ask the universe for what you want, and it will find a way to deliver it to you. You don't have to figure out how to achieve it, the universe will just GUIDE you there."

It's that simple. But. There is a way of doing it:
How your mood constantly is will generate MORE of that sort of mood for you.
So, if you're going to be depressed, you will constantly be depressed. If you're going to be positive and happy, then you will constantly be more positive and happy.
And this also applies to the things you wish for:
So instead of saying "I don't want to be poor" = say "I want to be rich!"

XiaXue elaborates this further:
"Another emotion that is hard to get rid of is doubt. The moment you dream about something, a logical person will think "But how is that possible? Zac Efron will never fall in love with me..." Well, if you say so (or rather, think so), the universe delivers.

So see? It is not 100% foolproof. You can control your fate, but unless you somehow master your brain and emotions, you cannot control it 100%.

But if you didn't know about the Secret, at least you are now aware that you can change if not everything then a huge part of your life!!

What you have in your life right now is entirely your own doing. Are you a happy person and lucky things keep happening to you? Or are you a Negative Nelly and shit keeps happening to you? It isn't a coincidence - it is cause and effect and it's a cycle. Snap out of a vicious one!"

And then, the key emotion you must have is, Gratitude.

Ah, gratitude, an incredibly humble emotion that not only shows appreciation for other people/things, but it also makes us feel polite.
When was the last time you said thank you for the bus driver, or someone who opened the door for you, the woman behind the cash till who gave you 1p change?

Well, that's just normal politeness. But, in the whole concept of The Secret..

The book states that whatever you are grateful for, you will get more of. Whatever you take for granted, whatever little you have will be taken away from you.

Now, do you understand this concept? It's a pretty unique way of looking at things, and, if you carry out this method correctly, then you can pretty much have what you want.

A MASSIVE thank you to XiaXue for writing up this post and sharing it with everyone, it's made a huge impact on me to be honest and her stories are amazing! Pleaseee check out her post on it, as she goes into much more detail about it!


~ xoxo

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